Building a Beauty Website: Adding Product Tags in Shopify (PT 2)

Building a Beauty Website - Adding Product  Tags in Shopify (PT 2)

Today’s blog in the Building a Beauty Website series is about your products.

Organizing products can get messy with duplicate products or out-of-date listings.

You want when a change is made one time to be applied throughout the website.

Rather than that you would be manually editing on and off all day long.

But you will learn today how to tag your products and to move them in packs effortlessly without worrying about a thing.

Open your Shopify editor, and let’s go.

Creating Collections

First things first, you will need to make collections, ultimately the collection can be displayed as a section on your header.

You can make subcategories for your collections too.

To do so, you make the collection and then go to the navigation section and add the subcategory under the main collection from the main menus. And That’s it.

You will want the collection types to be set automatically not manually.

Then adjust the conditions on the basis of the product to match all the conditions.

We will need just one, which product tag > is equal to > (the products intended).

The purpose of that is to unify the products under one criterion to easily manage them.

Adding Product Tags

We will go to the products and select and reorganize the products into bulks.

Select the products then go to the More Actions dropdown and press Add Tags.

Then write a simple tag that represents your products.

When you go back to the collection editor you will see that it added all the products already.

And if you go to your live online store, you will see they are organized there too.

Shopify can be really cool sometimes.

Multiple Tags

You can add products to different collections at once.

The great thing is that the products you have already chosen can be filtered out in the products section when you can go back and select them all.

After that, you can add an extra tag to be reflected in another collection.

I first made a 3D Mink Lashes collection, but I wanted a separate page for all the lashes I have in my store.

That way your products can be presented in various sections at the same time.

That is advantageous in hair online stores because a lot of the products can fall into multiple categories.

Tips for Organizing

If you have a product that is singled out without a collection it can relate to it.

It’s preferable to include it in a more holistic collection like other products or accessories.

You don’t want a collection that is low on products with just a couple.

Also, the visual arrangement of the products is important, you don’t want to see iron flat irons disturbing a sequence of wigs.

The subtle visual signals are a very important component in selling online.

What is most important is being consistent in learning these things and implementing them.

So, keep up the good work.

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