[Urgent] Why You Need to Sell 2x6 Closures

Sell 2x6 Closures

As history’s first hair business streamer, it’s my duty to always keep you updated with the hot items.

The 2x6 closure were a hit once, but they’re starting to pick up again.

With hot trends, the earlier you get the better.

And in the hair business industry, you have to be alarmed for any upcoming products.

As same as fashion, the landscape of the hair industry is continuously changing.

You can adjust your social media algorithms by showing interest in hair extensions and wigs.

Therefore, any time something comes up you can import it to your online store immediately.

So, what are the deets?

Closures Vs. Frontals

People are getting fixated on the maintenance in 2024.

They are lowkey, getting tired of the messed-up edges and maintenance of the 13x4 and 13x6 lace frontals.

In contrast, 2x6 closures are quite flexible for day-to-day wear, as frontals are better for public appearances.

Closures allow a nice lace in the front and a 6-inch parting space.

With a little quick weave, you can earn yourself a deep part natural look.

It gives you less trouble to wear off, and less trouble to take it off.

That justifies why people are getting hyped up about it.

Closures Comeback

At the end of 2018 and the beginning of 2019, life started to treat closures well, before you know what happened the year following.

But as I observe the word in the showroom and the statistics of Private Label, the sentiment is shifting towards closures again.

4x4 closures are showing promise as budget-friendly.

But the hype is all about the 5x5 HD closures, which is the main feature on the wigs we’re making right now.

And for the devoted 13x4 and 13x6 frontals, they’re heading for 6x6 and 7x7 closures.

Which covers big portions without the finagling, the maintenance, and the increasing charges from hair stylists to install them.

If you’re wondering how to get them, check out Private Label Wholesale.

In case you’re into Dropshipping, you can find them on Dropship Beauty.

Industry Evolution

If your resourcefulness instinct acted out, and you noticed that there are quite good deals on Amazon.

You might want to think twice about it.

Well, their quality is as cheap as their price.

A lot of people have been asking me about that. So, I asked our manufacturing partner, who told me that they are trading companies trying to sell on Amazon.

When companies have an overstock of certain items, they push them to traders to get rid of them.

The trading company will be selling it to you without full honesty.

As most of these products are irregular, that means they have few deficits, which explains their prices.

Ever bought a t-shirt and it shrunk right away after the first wash?

It’s exactly like that.

If you’re a hairstylist who buys in big volumes, or you sell online, you have to be aware of your vendors, you don’t want to push such products to your customers.

How to Test Your Hair?

If you’re on a thin budget, we actually sell some good bundles, for inflation-related reasons.

It’s the Warehouse Straight Bundle Deal. They’re the most affordable 100% human hair bundle deal around.

But with each similar product you buy or source, there is a little trick to test that hair.

You will want to catch the hair, give it a little shake, and then hold it from the top with your thumb and your index finger.

Then you swipe your way down to the end.

That little shake-and-bake action can tell you about the volume and density of that hair.

For cheap hair, your hand swipes out easily at the end.

You can tell a lot by this simple method.

Wigs Gatekeeping

I’ll keep gatekeeping this for hair stylists and professionals only.


Because these things involve some sophisticated expertise.

In Private Label Wigs, we basically sell wigs at a 2000% discount.

We gave you back your time while increasing your sales.

By giving you wigs at the regular price but actually, they are colored professionally and thoroughly. And creative ownership belongs totally to you.

The one minute you feel that wig, you can feel the divine craftsmanship of the human hand.

Without all the processing, the extra steps, and waiting for a long time.

But, of course, you can miss it, you might prefer to spend more time in the workshop.

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