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Hair Biz Happy Hour --Well Worth The Time

Happy hour was well worth the time. There was so many great gems dropped that helped me put some missing pieces of my business together. I can't wait for the next one

Happy hour made me happy!

Great idea to connect and learn some tips n tricks or should I say sips n tips😄

Great idea

This hair biz happy hour was a great idea. Mikey shared some very helpful tips and as usual went into great detail leaving no excuse not to implement right right away. Being able to connect from the comfort of your own home is wonderful! He also took the time to answer lots of questions from the group. I can’t wait for the next one!

The Hair Biz Happy Hour

Happy hour was everything. As always gems dropped, and hearing other’s questions, and the sharing of information fueled my fire, had me ready to plan to end the year out with a BIG Bang.

A must attend!

I enjoyed every minute of this virtual happy hour event! Ideas were shared, gems were dropped, and drinks were sipped! Time is our greatest asset and value, and this is worth every minute. Thank you for your time, knowledge, and great conversation. If you missed happy hour, do yourself a favor and don't miss the next!

Informative Meeting of the Minds!

Thank you for the virtual opportunity to be a part of one of your sessions. Not only did Mikey drop gems, other participants joined in making the vibe, giving and warm. I look forward to future opportunities such as this. This was one of the most productive "Happy Hour(s)" I've ever attended! Thank you Mikey!!

So much information!

Mikey really went above and beyond with this free happy hour! I’ve been an entrepreneur 10+years and am an accountant that consults other small biz owners and I STILL LEARNED items! Thanks so much Mikey!

Beyond Fantastic!

Yesterday, I flew in from Orlando, Florida to attend a helpful and informative in-person class on Unleashing the Power of Website Traffic. Mikey Moran was beyond fantastic – clear, easy to follow, and provided tips that are immediately applicable to my business. Thank you Mikey for exceeding my expectations by going above and beyond the call of duty!

Unleashing the Power of Website Traffic:

Unleashing the Power of Website Traffic was awesome. Starting a new business is hard on its own. The information that was given today was truly valuable whether you’re new to the hair industry or seasoned. I encourage all to take the class.

Awesome Class!

As always class was amazing. I love learning from Mikey.

buisness blueprint student

10/10 class is very useful and and understanding. Mikey is very straightforward and helpful to the community. IVE MASTERED THE METRICS

So much information!!!

Mikey is great at giving detailed information on operating our website, so much I feel like I have a Ton of homework! Me and my daughter cant help but be inspired! Thank you so much for this opportunity to learn!

Mikey is the TRUTH!!

Mikey is truly dedicated to educating and helping all who want to learn! This class was life changing. So happy I attended. 10/10 Definitely Recommend

Awesome TRAFFIC class!!

The class was simply amazing!!! Nothing was left out!! You won't get this much info from anywhere else! Mackey is amazing and knowledgeable and informative!!

Thanks You!!

I visited the store this weekend and I enjoyed the experience!! Great service!!

This class was amazing 🤩

This class was great and Mikey gave us so much knowledge. I can’t wait til the next class. He also gave me some advice on writing my first ebook.

Master of Metrics

I really enjoyed the traffic course today. I feel ready to tackle challenges I may come across in my business journey. Mikey is great and ready to share a wealth of knowledge.

I’m floored by the information!

I learned so much in this class and look forward to the transformations on my website and Youtube. Learning the importance of traffic and Mikey was a wealth of knowledge. He shared so many tools to be more effective in the beauty industry.

Amazing Experience!

This class was amazing!!! There is a special place in my heart for Mikey and all that he gives out!

Another great class

As usual this class was packed with information. Mikey did a wonderful job of explaining how to not only drive traffic to your website but to keep people coming back.

Incredible Class !

I am walking away with so much knowledge! I appreciate Mikey having this class and not holding back any information! Class is very informative and I truly feel prepared to succeed in any industry! Thank you Mikey!

Really appreciate this class

l’ve heard a lot over the years about SEO, but it’s always too much information and never makes sense. It really helped to finally be able to walk thru these things.


Y’all….. this class…. Was absolutely amazing! Bring a notebook and be prepared to take notes! The amount of information you’ll receive is LIFE CHANGING! Great job Mikey!


Class was sooooooo amazing! I love the information he pours into us.

Wow! Wow! So! So glad there’s another one coming. The last one there were special guests and the information that was received was life changing