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This Hair Extension Business Planner Rocks!!!!

Printed & Ready To Rock & Roll! Thank you Mikey!


This planner really helps to stimulate areas of weakness and diving in really helps the motivation. 10 STARS ⭐️ ⭐️⭐️⭐️

Amazing Planner!

This planner is a great resourceful tool & very helpful. I thrive off of organization & this planner helps me navigate the planning process to be successful in my business while also helping me develop new ideas. So greatful for this planner.

Best Planner Ever

This planner is everything! Very detailed and helpful. I can't wait to put it to use fully and transform my hair business journey. Thank you Mikey!

A big help!

The planner is a really good too to hep you get started and stay on track.


Great planner for beginners. Helped me focus on the basics and understand my goals.

Phenomenal Business Planner

THIS HAIR BUSINESS PLANNER is EVERYTHING!!! Mikey Moran thank you so much! From the insightful quote in the beginning to the VIN DIAGRAM that captures what I need and what I want out of my hair business... to the much needed steps layed out in this planner...I'm so grateful! I almost walked away from my online hair business. The live demonstrations that we were blessed with last week and this planner are game changers! The Hair Business Planner is the map to success. I've already started with it tonight and I'm giving myself grace but a deadline to remain consistent in building the million dollar online hair business that I have dreamed of for years! This planner is a must have! THANK YOU AGAIN for offering this valuable part of the blueprint! 🩵🩵#hairbusinessblueprint #morciabradley #hairbusinessmasterclass

Best planners I've seen!

This planner was a very resourceful tool. One of the best I've come across thus far. It has helped me navigate the planning process needed to thrive in my business while helping me develop new ideas and helping me get familiar with the planning process.
You won't regret getting this planner.

The Only Hair Business Startup Planner You Will Need

This hair business startup planner is the ultimate guide you'll ever require, seamlessly taking you from the initial concept right through to running a fully fledged operation. It's incredibly thorough, covering everything from nurturing your initial business concepts, crafting a compelling business and summary statement, to establishing your brand identity. It doesn't stop there; it also guides you through identifying your target market, conducting market and competitor analysis, among a plethora of other essential aspects. The planner is structured to methodically walk you through every phase of development, ensuring you're well-equipped to launch your business successfully. It's an indispensable tool that promises to pave the way for your entrepreneurial success.


I downloaded the planner I started using it last night and it's the best thing I got to plan my hair business and start implementing the information from the live video and the Hair Business Blueprint, hair business masterclass thank you so much for taking the time out to give me your experiences and knowledge about the hair industry 

Great Product

The new planner is exactly what I expected to get my business organized.

An absolute must have

This new planner is exactly what I’ve been needing to help me get organized. The simple step by step layout is perfect for any business owner. You always know what we need Mikey.

This planner is invaluable and the best resource I've acquired since I started my hair business. It is comprehensive and ensures that all your thoughts, ideas, research, and vision stay in the same place. The way the planner is structured, it can be used for any business. Thank you so much Mikey for the thought you placed into creating this awesome resource.

A Must Have

This planner is the best that I have seen. It is very well put together. It's obvious that ir was created by a person with lots of knowledge in the hair industry. I love it
Mikey Moran is a genius!


This is such a comprehensive and well thought out business planner. I feel as if it can be applied to anyone working in the beauty industry with just a few personal tweaks. I will be putting it to work immediately.

Awesome step by step

Working with Mickey has been a great asset. This plan is full of knowledge and I can't wait to put it into motion. I have been on this journey for a while and Mickey always comes with something new and refreshing!!


I needed this a long time ago! So helpful!


Very detailed step by step planner that you didn’t know you need! I highly recommend.

I really needed this!!

I’ve had my business idea for a very long time. I’ve been looking for step by step guidance to keep me focused and I believe this planner is the secret to getting where I want to be.

Business planner

Mikey I thank you so much for allowing us to get this value information. A lot of people would not have took out time to give this information and help work with us. This is so great because trying to get your own business and doing it right is very difficult . May God bless you.

Exactly what I needed. You did it again never cease to amaze me.

This planner is everything. Keeps you on track which I need because ideas run rampant through my mind Thanks Mikey u did it again

You need to have a plan!

If you are unsure of how to begin, where to start, definitely get this. This guide will help you do it. This planner will help you create a plan you want.

The perfect planner!!!

Whether you’re starting your hair business or already have one, this planner is for you. This was perfectly produced to help you gather your thoughts, ideas, and help sort the process to help you succeed. Well done Mikey!!!!

This Planner is preparation perfection!

I have been motivated BEYOND measure. Not only can we layout our hair business plans in one place, it’s also a sort of roadmap to success with prompts we may have not otherwise knew to act upon. In my quest to become more intentional and organized with my business this is a perfect tool to do so! I have added to good notes in order to check off in real time and track my progress. I know this way I won’t lose the information because with my old notebook method my notes faded or were lost. Thank you for giving me one less thing to do in my business.