An Overview of My Book Fearless Beauty + Extra Bonus

Must Have Tools for Your Hair Business - Intro to the Hair Business Blueprint Book

Making it is about fighting the invisible canyon between you and your dreams.

Fear controlled my early life. Though my mom was always there for me. It was a bit much for her. She was not fearless, but she was resilient.

She was able to balance out our life. By that I mean the razor edge between living okay and not making it.

But what I’m living today, is because of her, only her.

So, I hope she smiles through clouds down at me.

And sometimes words can stain a warm thanks.

My Rosebud

As a child, I had undiagnosed learning disabilities that they didn’t know back in the day.

Nevertheless, my mom and my grandmom were so school-focused that they were convinced no one could make it without a proper education.

I tried my best, but never succeeded as I should.

Early in my life, I knew for sure that starting a business was my thing.

My Failed Business

My first idea was CurrySimple. It came after 10 years to turn out to be a big idea full of failures.

It came to life without enough money, experience, or coaching.

But with my skills to cultivate the Thai culture into an authentic sauce and numerous trials until people loved it.

Not all people per se. Although it was a huge lesson. That taught me not to take leaps without understanding the science behind them.

Why Hair?

In a mundane conversation with my friend, he mentioned that his girlfriend spends around 3000$ a year on hair products.

It made me think, and then act.

I forgot about my curry sauce and the other failed small businesses I tried to grow with no return.

And started Private Label Extension to go from nothing to being one of the fastest-growing beauty companies in America. And the 278th on the Inc. 500.

What I Can Try to Teach You?

I can’t teach you to be fearless, I didn’t for a long period of my life. I had to learn it the hard way, after falling on my neck countless times.

What I can teach you, though, is a blueprint, that gives away all my years of experience.

And the science behind Private Label, which took it from a sale a day to 117,000$ in sales in a 24-hours turnaround.

What Will You Learn?

In the first part of the book, I’ll try to give you the juice of entrepreneurial life and painful experience.

The ways to think, what to expect, and how to prepare yourself for the work ahead.

In the second part of the book, I’ll teach you the basics of marketing, specific tools and how to use them, and additional resources to start and grow your business.

And you can find it here with a 50% discount.

An Extra Bonus

As a sneak peek for the tools, there are a couple you need to set up right away.

Google Search Console: to understand the chemistry of your traffic, where it’s coming from, and where it’s focused.

It’s free and essential.

Todoist: As hard as the pronunciation of it can be. But this tool is amazing in getting things done. It will sort your life out.

And don’t forget, if you feel lost and everything in your business is messy and not perfect enough, check our Masterclass, we got you.

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