Building A Beauty Website: Homepage Design (PT 6)

Building A Beauty Website - Homepage  Design

Your landing page is the face of your brand, it needs to have pretty features and some kind of charisma.

Online shopping is sometimes the shortest journey a person can ever take.

A customer visiting your website will conclude everything about you in just a few seconds by scrolling and skimming through your website then she might move on.

Whether what the customer thought was right or wrong, fair or unfair.

You have to work your best to impress them and facilitate their experience on your website.

Now, how do you want to welcome your guests?

Choosing Themes

The theme is going to set the tone for the whole customer journey.

Your website should tell a smooth story and your theme is here to assist in doing so.

2.0 Themes from Shopify are pretty flawless for e-commerce.

I use the Expanse theme for most of my online stores.

But I started to switch to Dawn recently.

Depending on your products, and what you have to offer.

Choose your theme wisely, because when you switch, most of the time you’re going to start the work all over again.

Popular Categories

Under the main banner, there will be a block called popular categories.

That might vary depending on your theme.

You’re going to tie up the collection you created to each category listed.

You can add more and it will appear as a second row.

On mobile view, you can swipe through it, if you activated the option.

But on the desktop view, multiple rows are not the most elegant look.

So, prioritize your key collections first.

I added my most popular collections for Dropship Beauty, including branded and unbranded lip gloss, edge control, lace glue, 3D thinline lashes, and 25 MM lashes.

I’ll probably change the title later, ‘’popular categories’’ didn’t click with me.

This section is editable by pressing customize in themes then heading to the block or clicking on the collection list.

Blog Posts Formation

If you keep selling, selling, and selling. The prospect will feel like she is a speedball being hit.

Including blog posts, guides, infographics, tutorial videos, user-generated content, and quizzes or surveys is essential to water down the selling to a reasonable level.

The customer then will acquire knowledge, good quality products, and entertainment.

And it will be her fairytale if this is supported with responsive customer service.

This results in building a bond with a hint of authority as she expects to get what she needs effortlessly on your website, even if it is a dump question that she found a blog post relating to it.

View your blogs on the homepage as a journal where you feature the latest post.

You can style up a cover template for your brand you make tiny adjustments to it for each blog to make consistency.

And of course, enrich them with keywords that have less competition.

Organizing Blocks

Bring back the storytelling gig, your blocks should be intervals of selling and entertaining.

You can feature the famous brands you’re dealing with.

Or showcasing testimonials and customer reviews.

Some might show their success statistics like a customer satisfaction meter or even their sales for the month.

People love this indicator as they create peer pressure to buy.

Get creative with these blocks and arrange them in a way that urges the prospect to take action.

E-commerce is about the experience, not the product.

In the next article, I’ll teach you how to customize a product page template for yourself. Stay tuned.

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