Email Marketing Tips for Your Business

Email Marketing Tips for Your Business

Email marketing, if done correctly, will generate around 20% of your revenue.

That is a large portion of your sales so you need to take learning the best practices very seriously. 

There are many advanced email marketing systems out there that will help you achieve great results. 

When getting started with email, you need to setup the most popular email automations to reach the mentioned success above. Also, the automations will keep running while you are working, sleeping, or doing other things. 

Top Email Automations:

  • Abandoned Cart - A sequence of 3 emails.
  • Browse Abandonment - A sequence of 3 emails.
  • Welcome Series - Introduce to your brand.
  • Product Review - Reviews are crucial for your website.
  • Back in Stock - People love to get something that is hot!
  • Purchase Follow-up - A quick email checking in on our order satisfaction.

I suggest setting up as many email flows as possible. 

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