Favorite Apps for Your Website

Favorite Apps for Your Website

I like to think of a website platform (Shopify, WordPress, etc...) as the foundation for your website.

There is not a single platform that will make you successful by itself. 

This is where Web Apps come in! (these are different than mobile apps)

Since there are only two platforms that I would recommend using for your online business, Shopify & WordPress, then I can only comfortably tell you about some of my favorites for these.

You can find all of the Shopify Apps in the Shopify App Store.

Here you can find all the top Apps for your website and business. 

A quick list of some of my favorites are:

Starting your business using the right platform is going to save you a ton of time and money. Choose wisely! 


  • Shamecca

    Thanks. I am looking forward to a successful, BANGING launch!

  • Rhonda Bush

    Thanks these tips are very valuable. Wish I had those information available before launching my Brand.

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