Fearless Beauty Book Club

Fearless Beauty Book Club

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The Fearless Beauty Book Club will be a weekly event to go through the Fearless Beauty Book chapter by chapter.

Each week Mikey will host a LIVE event to go over all the important details of each chapter along with a live Q&A session.

The first event will be on June 3rd, at 8 PM ET. 

In "Chapter 1 - Getting Prepared" we will talk about what it will take to be a real Entrepreneur and the sacrifices that are generally made to do so.

Make sure you have read the first chapter, twice! Have a list of questions ready for the Q&A.

Defiantly have a glass of wine or margarita so we can all have a drink together!

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  • Cynthia Bell

    Good book

  • Morgan R

    Great Job on the book. Read the Kindle while waiting on my hardback copy. I’m a part of the Masterclass but you are really putting people on Game in the hair industry.

  • Rhonda Bush

    My why: I want to some day honor my Mother by providing her a life filled with comforts she can’t imagine. I want to leave an inheritance for my children’s children and I want to owe no many nothing but to Love him.

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