Free Logo Design Online: Hatchful by Shopify (But Is It Worth the Cost?)

Free Logo Design for E-commerce Beauty Brands

Recently, many free logo tools have been introduced to the scene. Some are integrated with AI, and some use randomized icons relating to the industry.

For solo entrepreneurs, you shouldn’t know everything about designing, you can hire someone to help you with that.

If it’s a burden on your little budget that fight along with you.

You can benefit from tons of free tools to make a simplistic logo, enough to get you going.

You can pay extra bucks, though, to get a custom logo from Private Label Branding.

It might save you trouble as it’s supported with branded packages and custom bundle wrap labels.

That is ideal for dropshipping hair without having to buy your printers and exhaust yourself with packaging and shipping.

What Is Hatchful?

Hatchful is a subsidiary of Shopify. It’s their own way of getting newcomers to use Shopify as their e-commerce platform.

With a freemium model, you can generate your logo, among another 140,000 business owners as they claim.

That comes with free social media assets for your brand to invade the digital presence.

The Creating Process

First Step: Choose Your Business Space:

Pick the right industry to reflect the vibe of your brand. As a hair business, you can choose health & beauty.

Second Step: Choose Your Visual Style:

From vintage to modern styles, select the style that speaks your brand well while being consistent with your tone of voice and character.

Third Step: Add Your Business Name:

If you need help with the name, check out this blog.

You need the name to be the same across all social media, websites, and legal documents.

So, prepare a catchy list, and test it out with a domain first to check the availability.

That should be before registering your EIN and LLC.

Because you don’t want to compromise your name later with slang terms and shorter versions.

You might as well write a tagline or a slogan that captures the essence of your brand in 3-8 words.

Fourth Step: Tell us Where the logo Will be used:

You can go ahead and select all of the options because you will need the variety later on.

What You Will Get?

A quick tip: after you generate the logos, don’t get one that has a lot of negative space that is not utilized well.

It will steal the attention away from the icon or the name of your brand. And it’s not very scalable.

Along with the logo, you will receive a bunch of assets over the email.

That includes profile pictures from different social media channels, covers, banners, and a favicon.

You can actually learn how to create your own right here.

Shopify will try and upsell a custom domain for your business name, but I find GoDaddy more helpful with that.


You shouldn’t expect much of free tools, every blue moon you can find one that is surprisingly helpful and reliable.

Resourcefulness will accompany your success in your entrepreneurial life.

You should be learning about these kinds of tools all the time, not out of FOMO, but to be aware of the nature of the e-commerce businesses.

Innovation and creativity are the natural selection processes of people making it and people who don’t.

You can get started with Hatchful, though, you can shine with Private Label Branding. If you’re looking to be really professional.

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