Friends in Beauty Podcast

Friends in Beauty Podcast

I had an absolute blast being interviewed by Akua Robinson, host of the Friends in Beauty Podcast.

We had a great time discussing what it's like to be an entrepreneur and my journey in the hair business. There were tons of golden nuggets discussed throughout the podcast so make sure you listen to every second.

Watch the interview on YouTube.

Listen on iTunes.


  • Renee gabourel

    how do I do business with you to drop ship. I’m ready to start and grow my business

  • Edna

    What an inspiration you are Mikey. You are such a humble person and genuine. I thank you for all the great contents and inspiration you have given to so many people. You are changing lives and we appreciate you. I have purchased your book and it is the first book that I have looked forward to reading in so long. God bless you!

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