Hair Business Branding: Secrets to Success

Hair Business Branding: Secrets to Success

Branding is important in the hair industry because that's what people experience, the first thing they see, the first thing they get for their experience, and the first thing they experience when they receive your package in the mail.

Your branding for your hair company is going to be 1,000% important because you want people to enjoy the experience.

So make sure you use custom silk hair extension bags and put a note card in them that says thank you for their order. The branding portion is really important and you have to be careful because not everyone has a big budget to get everything.


Start off small, be creative and do handwritten cards for your first orders.

You want to treat those first kind of the founding members of your website very special, so you should do things like send out Usb drives with Thank You videos.

We would record a video thanking our customers for their orders and then put it on a USB drive. The first USB drive we ordered from someone overseas in China was scammed, but we eventually got some and sent in the orders.

In the Hair Business Masterclass we will talk about branding, and we will make a logo in 30 seconds and not spend $1,000 on it.

We will then tweak that logo and make it unique, and we will do cosmetics and other stuff now.

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