Hair Extension Marketing: Tips for Success Selling Hair Online

Tips for Success Selling Hair Online

As our podcast Hair Biz Radio is taking off. I’d like to share with you my key essentials for any marketing I do for all of our products.

I consider Hair Biz Radio a marketing asset that I can turn to email and social media lists while building social credit.

If they sounded like a load of work, let me tell you that there is no way around it.

You have to orchestrate all these tools and techniques into a thorough plan, that you will be implementing every day while scaling up.

And of course, they’re free knowledge that I couldn’t keep away from you.

Email Marketing

30% of your sales will be coming from this funnel alone.

So, don’t be boring with all the newsletters, there are various flows that you need to incorporate.

• Abandonment Cart Flows: To encourage customers to go back and check out their orders.

• Abandonment Checkout Flows: To urge customers to finish their purchase.

• Browse Abandonment: Make the prospects revisit the website.

• Welcome Series: This is like a quick warm orientation about your brand.

• Sunset: Ditching your inactive customers.

The key is to target and retarget active customers and not waste your resources on the sleepy heads.

You can build your lists using pop-ups on your websites while people are ordering. Offering them discounts and writing good punchlines.

Just make sure your subscriber button is pre-checked.

SMS/Text Marketing

It’s as powerful as it’s expensive.

And it might be getting worn out.

You can utilize it with a smaller VIP list for your shop visitors.

With a powerful message and good value, you can get your costs back with extra profit.

Social Media Marketing

Don’t get yourself dizzy with over-posting.

Pick a couple of social media channels, master them, and understand their dynamics.

So, if you’re B2B based you can use Linked-In.

Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube are irreplaceable.

Snapchat is reviving while X (Ex-Twitter) and Threads are quite dead.

TikTok is powerful but it just got the axe.

Use Meta Planner to post every day and repurpose your content with the 20/80 rule, 20% selling, and 80% engagement.

Content Marketing

Content Marketing is your quiet supporter.

By keeping the valuable content flowing in the lanes of your channels, you earn yourself a credible and popular online business.

• Blog posting is teaching your audience continuously on topics relevant to your business. Which gets you traffic and ultimately sales.
• Guest posting on other popular websites is going to rank you higher on the search results even if it costs you a little.
• Press releases give you social proof as they show off your collaborations and advancements. And you’re going to use all of them.

Word of Mouth Marketing

You can’t fake it until you make it, you have to be absolutely brilliant.

Statistically, everybody knows about 250 people in different circles.

If they had a bad experience, they would tell them all.

If they are a good one, they would only tell a few.

C’est la vie.

But by selling phenomenal experiences with great products, after-sale service, order tracking, and similar supporters.

You will be the best on your way to being perfect instead of being another adequate.

So, harness those customer reviews, ask for them, manage them, and be proud of them.

And pick the right CRM system.

Following-Up Marketing

Send DMs, follow-up emails, recalls, and personal notes in your shipments.

It’s way more expensive to acquire a new customer instead of making an old one come back.

Following up and upselling are going to make you a snowball effect that accumulates to a steady flow of sales.

Because it’s hard to jump ships from their brands until they let them down.

So, be proactive without being socially selfish.

The Secret Ingredient

The hair business industry can sometimes plateau or go down, but it always comes right back up.

It’s not about the intelligence, the time, or the effort.

It’s about how consistently you do what you do.

So, whenever the market goes up, you be ready with the social base and the products to get a round at this chance.

If you feel confused and have no solid actions to take.

Check the Hair Business Planner, to put your foot on the right road.

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