Marketing Trends and Strategies to Grow Your Hair Business in 2024

Marketing Trends and Strategies

AI is the celebrity guest for 2024, it has been growing massively, and it’s not going anywhere anytime soon.

I have been digging the internet for the latest marketing trends, that are suitable for your hair brand, and technically any e-commerce brand.

That’s when I stumbled across this article. It’s rich in insights and I had a good time analyzing it.

So, let’s discuss it together to find out what is hidden for us in 2024.

40% of marketing success is due to being updated and relevant with the things coming your way.

Trend Spotting

Some AI tools can be used to analyze the time each user is in your email list when they open your newsletter.

This type of data interpretation can save you time finding the optimal time to push notifications or post on social media.

Big companies now depend on AI and data science to expect trends in their early development stages.

Data analysis over a large amount of user data can reach unprecedented accuracy.

This a one way you can be proactive about your marketing.


Many start-ups now offer services to fully automate your business, selling e-books, courses, or services as a product.

Although leaving the driving stick fully to AI is not the wisest option out there right now.

However, you can use things like chatbots and virtual assistants.

It can go sideways with your data, so, you’ll need to do an audit to review and verify its action.

That helps you be super-efficient and catch up with competitors in 2024.

Giant tech companies have more limitations on how they use their customers' data.

They have been using AI models to predict users' behaviors and automate personalized funnels, especially for them.

Long-Term Influencer Branding Relationship

Many brands treat their influencers like a one-night stand.

Influencers promoting a long queue of brands lose their fans' trust over time.

Of course, all these products and places are not hidden gems of supreme quality.

And one promotion can take the influencer down with the social media instinct to cancel things out.

Building a steady relationship at a patient pace can earn the brand a branding ambassador and a face on social media that lasts effectively long.

Live Streaming

The process of earning money via videos is quite simple, you grab attention, you monetize this attention, and maybe do some partnership along the way.

Have you ever stayed up late and watched these silly videos about intriguing movie clips, rug cleansing, or carpenter's work?

Even weak cash flows coming from these channels can pay off your media buying budget or get you extra cash on hand for emergencies in your business.

I use YouTube mainly for live streaming daily if possible.

That enables me to connect with my audience more closely.

Without many preparations, I can just go with and be live and talk about a couple of insights in the hair industry while answering people’s questions.

User-Generated Content

If your brand can’t urge people to share their own content and interact with you, you have to reassess your situation.

It can be easier for hair business customers, because who doesn’t want to share how beautiful they are?

It can come in all shapes from written reviews to short reels.

If a customer took a picture of the product, you could ask them for permission to add it to your product page.

For more ways to get reviews, check out this video.

Customer Experience

People buy the experience, not the product.

I remember this quote from Seth Godin when he says that the product you buy is a souvenir from your trip to the store.

You’re selling the feeling that might resonate with a specific niche, that in the beauty industry might result in more self-confidence or empowerment.

From your product and the philosophy behind choosing a certain material to the packaging and delivering with a little note.

Companies now are aiming toward a hyper-personalized experience.

Think of it like the home page of the Amazon store, it’s customized especially for your mindset and online trace.

Of course, it costs Amazon millions of dollars to deliver such an experience.

But I have the word that most e-commerce platforms, including an insider tip from Shopify, that these features are in the works right now.

You can use various methods to intrigue users with video content, bold colors, and scrolly-telling (telling a story by scrolling down).

Just make sure that the videos are not slowing down your website.

Voice Search Tactics

Each operating system has its own voice assistant now.

They’re being trained to answer customized and conversational questions.

By providing good content you can meet the intent of the question asker.

That ranks your website higher and helps you with search engine optimization.

That is supported with VR headsets like Apple’s Vision Pro and Meta Quest.

They are expected to boost the economy with extra trillions of dollars.

It helps customers with augmented reality to try out the products before buying them.

I am more like a living-in-the-moment guy, I don’t want to be covered with screens, one on my wrist, one on my hand, and one on my head!

Even with my trips, I’m trying to take less photos right now.

But each product has its audience.


You need to consider the human talent resources in your hand.

AI is efficient but humans are warm.

AI is going to be so far from your assistant in repetitive work.

I will be adding the latest tools and trends on my YouTube channel so you to always keep up with the news.

Your brand will never be perfect when you learn to double your sales, you still lack the knowledge to triple your sales.

It’s a continuous process full of mistakes that you need to learn from.

So, keep learning.

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