How I Tripled My Sales and Made the INC 500 Fastest Growing Companies in America

Fastest Growing Companies in America

I didn’t get a penny from Private Label for the first two years and a half after launching my first beauty brand in the hair industry.

And before you think about it, no, I didn’t have any seed investment, and I didn’t borrow any money, or have any savings.

But I was able to be featured at the INC. Magazine as the 278th fastest growing companies in the USA in 2018, and the 535th in 2019.

I’m sharing my journey into scaling up Private Label with you today.

So, pay attention to this origin story.

Building the Team

Before Private Label, I had CurrySimple, actually, you can look it up on YouTube.

After working up the perfect authentic Thai sauce, it failed.

I didn’t find myself in the food and beverages industry selling regular commodities.

Then a friend of mine, told me that his girlfriend spends over three grands a year on hair.

So, it clicked.

But I had to do things a little differently than my last company.

That’s when it was critical to build up a good team.

The criteria were to hire exceptional people who fit the company’s culture.

Skill can be taught, but people rarely change.

After setting up the business while working in real estate for more than 50 hours a week.

I was able to hire my first employee to run the day-to-day operations.

After the business started growing, I hired Zakiyrah for marketing and customer service.

Yes, she is my energetic and delightful co-host on Hair Biz Radio.

With increasing sales, Zakiyrah focused more on marketing and sales, as I hired a third employee for customer service.

And they still work in the company since then for more than 9 years.

Write Down and Implement

Reinvest, reinvest, and reinvest.

I was the fourth employee to get paid, after paying off the salaries and reinvesting in the company.

It helped Private Label grow faster and faster.

It was after two and half years that I got money enough to quit my day job.

Because it doesn’t matter how much you stack up profits, in the beginning, you need to scale up your company beyond just being stable.

Feed the Baby

“Growing a business is like feeding a baby, if you don’t give the baby food, it won’t grow, and will eventually die.”

I got this analogy from my friend Kendall Ficklin who is an author, coach, and entrepreneur.

The same goes for your business where the food is the money.

Because investing in yourself and your business is the best investment you can make in your life.

And let me tell you, it was the sweetest moment to write myself the first check after putting thousands of hours of work into my business.

The trick to all of this is consistency because I could always be distracted by my day job, but I couldn’t, as it was wiser to invest my time and focus into my company.

To know more check out my book, Fearless Beauty, to get the entrepreneurial experience along with the practical steps to implement.

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