How to Start a Hair Extension Business in 2024

how to start a hair extension business in 2024

Starting a hair business in 2024 might be easier than you think.

Whether it’s a wig business or a hair extension business.

We will help you launch one that involves less effort and takes up less time with an easy-to-follow framework.

Setup Up a Hair Business Legally

First Step: You’re going to set up an LLC. By going to the IRS website, you can get a tax ID.

Second Step: Register your business with the Secretary of State. But you must check with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office to make sure your business name is unique enough.

Third Step: Opening a business bank account. That way your taxes are easier as you separate personal finances from business finances.


Setup Social Media Accounts

Solidify your hair business across social media by using professional domains.

Yes: - This is professional.

No: - Without using things like Gmail or Yahoo.

That way you appear as professional as you should be.

Wholesale or Dropshipping Hair

Wholesale Hair Extensions: It costs you over $10,000 to stock all the popular textures like; body wave, loose wave, deep wave, and matching closures and frontals. But you might lose customers who want to bundle things you have with things you don’t.

Wholesale Hair Vendor

Dropshipping Hair Extensions: With dropshipping you buy stock the same moment you sell it. It saves you a ton of packing and shipping costs. Which makes it the safest option if you’re starting.

Dropship Hair Websites

Hair Extension Website

The next thing to do is publish a beautiful user-friendly website that doesn’t give users a hard time. If your choice was dropshipping, you would want to utilize the dropship beauty app from Shopify for your website.

And add the products that you’re willing to sell from various options.

Marketing Strategies

You’ll need to set up channels all over social media to help get the word out.

Before building an email list from those followers through techniques like discounts, free hair guides, and free shipping.

Hair Blog

Be helpful to your community by demonstrating educational topics that go like how to care for your hair extensions, or how to install a wig.

To inform them on how to use your products.

Hair Extension Branding

Dress to impress as branding is the subconscious power behind spontaneous purchasing.

You must choose your colors, designs, and packaging. But don’t use boxes as it’ll cost you more. Use packages like customized satin bags.

Consistency in Business

Pay attention to details across all touch points.

If you aim for a stable source of income, you’ve got to keep quality consistent for your customers to expect a certain level from you.

Launch Your Hair Brand

Content Marketing is your partner in this journey by continuously filming content for a couple of weeks ahead.

Using the 80\20 rule (80% engagement – 20% selling) You will sell indirectly to your customers by providing value.

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