How to Make a Fortune Selling Professionally Colored Wigs

how to sell custom wigs

A lot of stylists and hair business owners avoid professionally colored wigs. It’s strange since there is always a high demand for them.

The reason is complexity, the process involves numerous steps, takes a long experience, and overall, it’s very hard to make or get your hands on one.

So, We at Private Label launched a professionally colored glueless wig project recently.

Private Label Wigs is our private service for chosen professionals and Dropship Beauty collaborators.

The main goal is to communicate your inspiration exclusively in a reasonable timeframe for high-demand products.

You can make a fortune selling wigs and hair extensions. The key is to be organized. That's why everyone love the Hair Business Planner.

So, elites, keep reading,

Ghost Wig Making

What is so special about ghost wig making?

Because we only work in the back scenes.

As soon as you buy the wig it belongs totally to you, which includes the coloring and inspiration.

We literally hand out wigs at an average cost without counting the long hours of work, the science, and the designing process.

This makes it a great deal for those who specialize in the finest products and use them as a part of their personal branding.

Products Available

The products available so far are:

- 5x5 HD
- 13x4 HD
- 13x6 HD

And you can pick the needed density (150% - 180% - 220%).

With a lot of options to wear. As it comes with (Pre-Cut Lace – Bleached Knot – Glueless Band).

Which one is ideal?

- Pre-Cut Lace: Offers an easy install with further customization.
- Bleach Knot: Invisible knot to save you time and money.
- Glue-less Band: The popular option with easy on and off.

And sizes?

Now, there is no need to stick to the medium wig cap size (22.5). We added a couple of options for diversity, which means you can now source small (21.5) and large (23.5) cap sizes with various lengths.

Breaking Down Density

As it’s more like threading out hair from the sunshine.

They are as glamorous as it gets.

For them being handmade and colored thoroughly, the high density is to keep the color fresh looking, and fulfilling.

When you touch the wig, you can feel the amount of work put into each curl. And how they’re for the people who want to look and feel special.


Always keep a couple in stock in your hair salon or showroom.

Some options like the blond professionally colored wig can take a longer time with multiple processes.

And overall care takes time, so always be aware of that. After that, they’ll be shipped to you directly before handing them out to your beautiful clients.

Pricing and Profit Margin

Depending on the market, you’ll find similar wigs at $800 to $1000.

Not of the same quality for sure, but these are the usual prices for them.

Sometimes it can barely compensate for the time and effort that took to produce them.

But everyone knows that, so you can expect a higher profit margin for this high- ticket item.

The good thing about it is that they will sit on your stock for an hour max.

The last time I showcased the products in the Atlanta Private Label showroom, they bought them on the spot out of my hand.

So, prepare yourself to get a bank out of this.

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