Medical Wig Certification Course Overview: Wig Medical (Learn to Sell Medical Wigs)

Learn to Sell Medical Wigs

Hair Business Blueprint helped and inspired many people.

Over the years, I’ve been close to my mentees to help them get their business on its feet.

One story outshined to an amazing success.

India, my student, made this wonderful brand, Wig Medical.

And together we multiplied the value of this establishment tenfold.

It’s like a big bottomless bowl of the medical wig wisdom.

The medical wigs market still has room for a lot of people.

So, you might want to focus on this.

Free Pre-Course

To cool down your fears of the first step.

You can put your dream into a sudden action with a free pre-course.

It’s a little orientation for what you’ll be learning.

Right after you start it, you will break these delusions about how you can’t make it.

And you can always walk away if you didn’t catch the vibe that it’s meant for you.

But even if you’re already a specialist, I’m sure that you’re going to gain more experience with it.

Specialists Directory

Once you finish the certification course bundle, get your frame certificates, custom lab coat, medical kit, and workbook.

You’ll be listed in the specialist directory as a certified cranial prosthesis specialist if you meet the criteria.

That is optimized for search engines, so, any local patient can easily find you if you are close to their region.

Vendor and Sourcing Course

This course focuses on the logistics of running the medical wig business.

You’ll learn how to find vendors and how to deal with them.

A couple of communication strategies that make you an insider.

That will help you to get into this new world fully equipped.

Local SEO Course

You’ll be trained to cultivate SEO techniques that make you rank higher on the search results.

That goes hand in hand with the specialist directory, so you come right away for your prospects within your area.

Which enables you to grow your business with high-volume traffic.

Dermatologists Outreach

As we did set up your vendor sourcing, now you will reach dermatologists to close those deals.

There are not enough people who do it this way.

So, you will shine easily but with all the needed skills and tactics, including guerrilla marketing techniques, email templates, short-form scripts, and networking.

Medicare and Medicaid Mastery

If you want to reach your full potential and get more fulfilling reimbursements.

Discussing lessons on documentation requirements, billing codes, modifiers, and claim submissions.

That would be ideal for you. But only for the dedicated ones.

Dermatologists Directory

Wouldn’t you like to start a business with a long list down your sleeve?

With this course, you can sign up to get a coupon and access dermatologist lists within your region.

You should expect between 1000-2000 contacts that you can start reaching out immediately.

Restoring Identity Series

Even if you don’t install the wigs, you made it and you’re now a specialist.

You have to know what you’re talking about.

This is a continuous series about the art and science of installing a wig to reflect the patient's identity and character.

So the learning wouldn’t stop, as I’m continually amazed by India’s efforts.

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