The Right Prompt for Getting a Creative Product Description

Right Prompt

Being a solo business owner managing email flows, social media publishing, importing products, and most probably managing customers single-handedly.

Things can get pretty tough.

Copywriting is your way to communicate your brand's values and products verbally.

We remember iconic slogans from our childhood like “Got Milk?’’ or taglines like “Just Do It!”.

Actually, it takes more time to write fewer words.

But don’t worry, we will not get all Mad Men about it.

In the beginning, it’s hard to hire people to do that.

So, there is a quick easy way to write accurate creative copies for free.

The Tools

I know some people may have personal disputes with AI.

However, its freemium model can help a lot of people who can’t afford other ways.

Dall.E has been generous to me.

If you are stuck with making pictures or developing creative concepts. This tool is a keeper.

But I usually use it to write product descriptions and for enhancing my pictures I use Canva very often.

The Prompt

Your prompt might vary, but there are a few essential points to include.

The product: you can upload your product picture to Dall.E and it uses computer vision to understand it.
The features: the straightforward qualities of your product. Like 5x5 HD lace closures.
The benefits: include things like the quick installation, the easiness to wash, and the material being natural.
The emotional value: here you need to communicate the after-sales feeling of buying your product. How it makes the customer feel or act. How it changes her world. The deeper you get the better.
The secret sauce: you will want to ask the AI if it needs any information. It will go on for questions about your brand and target audience. Answer them all if you generate a bunch of product descriptions.

The Output

My Prompt was:

‘’Write a product description about this human hair professionally colored custom wig. It has a 5x5 HD Lace Closure, bleached knots, and pre-cut lace. Please create a product description focusing on the colors of the wig and how it will make a customer who purchases the wig feel.”

The output is:

‘’Introducing our exclusive line of professionally colored custom wigs, meticulously crafted to transform your style with a touch of elegance and confidence. This particular creation features a luxurious 5×5 HD Lace Closure, ensuring a seamless and undetectable blend with your skin. The knots have been expertly bleached, promising a natural-looking hairline that is virtually invisible. The highlight of this wig is the stunning color work. A harmonious blend of honey-blonde hues cascades down the length, offering a rich gradient that transitions from a deeper root to lighter ends. This multi-dimensional coloring technique adds depth and volume, creating an incredibly natural and vibrant look that captures the light with every movement. The pre-cut lace is designed for your convenience, allowing for an easy and hassle-free installation. Upon donning this wig, you'll immediately feel the surge of confidence that comes with a fresh, flawless look. The soft strands will flow effortlessly, framing your face in the most flattering way. Whether you're stepping out for a casual day or dressing up for a special event, this wig will undoubtedly elevate your presence, leaving you feeling beautiful, empowered, and ready to conquer the day.’’

It's magnificent and vibrant.

Generating with AI is like training and teaching.

You need to be cautious as a single word can make it go in a totally different direction.

You can make minor edits to refine the piece and shorten it. But most of the time it will be good to go.

Writing a Copy Yourself

If you’re looking for something more natural, you can write a copy yourself.

• You just have to be conversational about it.
• Make it personal and make it relevant.
• Use day-to-day language.
• Incorporate words that reflect your brands.
• Craft it to be emotional, imagine you’re selling a car with good airbags, these airbags represent safety, which ultimately represents taking care of a family or a partner.
• And make it easy for the reader to extract their material benefit out of it.

And voila, you got yourself a copy.

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