5 Tips for Show Guests from The Bronner Brothers Show Manager

Hair Show Guest Tips

As you might have seen, the vendor tips from Erika, the show manager of The Bronner Brothers Beauty Show.

You might have been wondering if it can be a big step for you.

Visiting the show by yourself is of great value too.

To catch up with the latest and to know what the year ahead is about.

You can connect with hair vendors, test products, and attend seminars from the experts.

And to be honest, no one should mess up these vibes. You have to party once in a while, right?

The good thing is that there is another show coming in August in New Orleans this year.

Here are some tips so you feel your first visit like it was the second one.


Book Travel Ahead of Time

Always plan everything ahead.

You want when the date arrives to be able to move effortlessly because you’re probably going to have a lot of things on your plate.

The Bronner Brothers always make deals with Delta Airlines that will make your flights a lot cheaper.

Also, you can find a couple of hotel deals because you can get ripped off in some districts.

In Miami for example, there is a resort fee above your room price rate.

Things can get out of control, but when you plan first thing, everything else will just require packing your bags and dressing up awesomely.

You can find all of this on The Bronner Brothers website.

Erica also smooths out the visa process for many foreign visitors.

She can go the extra mile sometimes.

Download the Bronner Brothers App

So, you don’t miss anything, as some dates might get adjusted later.

The app will keep you updated on literally all the activities.

Classrooms, main stages times, competition times, and panel times.

It’s simple, but it’s super important to make your visit count.

Book and Schedule Classes

There will be many classes that can make your head spin.

Book what you find suitable then make your own schedule.

It’s a first come first serve kind of deal.

As seats are limited, make sure to keep up with the appointments.

Attend the Credit and Health Panel

We didn’t have much financial awareness growing up.

We learned that we need to get a job well-paid enough to pay a mortgage and bills.

Some people can earn more than they can spend and throw it away altogether.

That leaves you under the turbulences of an unstable economy and also life.

Credit and health panels aspire to correct that.

Not just your pocket and savings account.

But your body and well-being.

A healthy heart capable of love is sometimes a lifetime treasure that can’t be compensated for under any circumstances.

Embrace Networking

Armor yourself with your business cards, social media handles QR codes, and a smile.

I have seen people become lifelong friends and business partners out of mere coincidences.

You will stumble upon beautiful people with great expertise in the hair industry.

As you can be learning, you can be teaching too. Can't make it to the show? You can always follow my mistakes hair business beginners make.

It’s an ongoing opportunity to open your heart to new relations.

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