Your Why? It's not about you!

Your Why? It's not about you!

Having a "Why" for your business is crucial.


  • Keenah Bond

    My Why’s: 1. To encourage, support, uplift, and supply my clients with the perfect temporary hair solution as they win their medical hair loss battle. 2. To work hard by using my God giving gifts and talents which will allow me to leave a legacy for my children’s children.

  • Princess Brooks

    I’m doing this for my 4 children, and family that depends on me.
    I’m also doing this for the thousands that’s suffering with hair issue alone.
    I’m doing for me to, I have always admire the hair industry. I knew there was a place for me and what I had to offer.

  • Michelle

    I need to own a home. I need a pension and a nest egg. I need to leave a legacy for my children even though they are grown. I’d love to set an example as a business owner.

  • Shirlin

    My 3 children – stop generational curse of poverty.
    My mom – she’s 80. I want to help her enjoy her Golden years.
    Women – help women become independent finically thru entrepreneurship.

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