Why You Need a CRM System for Your Business

Why You Need a CRM System for Your Business

Email is going to be your main customer service point of contact system.

As I mention in Fearless Beauty, having great customer service will make or break your entire business.

At some point in your growth, you will notice that a standard email system will not be an efficient way to run your business.

Quick Side Note - You better be using a service@yourname.com email and NOT an email like yourbrand@gmail.com.

We found this out the hard way in the early days of Private Label. 

Today, we have found a system that works best for our brands and customer service team.

Here are a few you should consider to help keep your email communications organized. And actually, many will now help manage social media messages and comments as well!

Best CRM Systems

  • Groove - Easy to manage multiple brands and social messages.
  • Gorgias - Popular with many Shopify users.
  • Pipedrive - Really focused on sales.
  • Streak - Works excellent with Google Workspace.

The key to finding a great CRM system is to think about something this has a good online user experience, features, and cost-effective. 

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