Your Why? It's not about you!

Your Why? It's not about you!

Having a "Why" for your business is crucial.


  • Sascha Boujetto

    My why, is my Gsons and my daughter and Chris, who is my family. I wish to leave some thing to them in order for them to have something to help promote generational wealth. I thought I had a great plan. I worked really hard got my Bas and licenses, and 38, I was told I had kidney failure. I have tried to invest previously and getting the web page but when covid hit, I also was hit, I was not expected to be down for so long. I was in the hospital for 30 days, savings goes quickly when it comes to medical problem. I am currently out of a hospital but have to go for treatments Tuesdays a week. I had planned on having more time to work and save money when my daughter got older. Well she got older but I never expected I would be dealing with my health in a negative way. I trust that God has a plan and I know he will work everything out. I’ve been trying to ride with private label when they first came out but lo and behold dealing with the medical issues has distracted me. I’m now back on my feet and doing my best to make better business choices and health choices. If I don’t have my health I can do business. Here’s to The Future and I look forward to it and hope to have great prosperity.

  • Coco

    My biggest why is my three children. I want to provide a life of limitless resources; specifically for my twin boys on the autism spectrum. I want to afford a support system that allows me to show up in the best way for my children. I desire to create generational wealth while building other women up in any way I can.

  • Stacie K.

    My Why?: My Why is to 1. Giving my kids and myself financial stability. 2. Creating comfort to really enjoy the moments in life with family and friends. 3. To feel safe and stable for once ; change my mindset so that my environment changes 4.Help others in need like myself ; do good deeds!

  • Keenah Bond

    My Why’s: 1. To encourage, support, uplift, and supply my clients with the perfect temporary hair solution as they win their medical hair loss battle. 2. To work hard by using my God giving gifts and talents which will allow me to leave a legacy for my children’s children.

  • Princess Brooks

    I’m doing this for my 4 children, and family that depends on me.
    I’m also doing this for the thousands that’s suffering with hair issue alone.
    I’m doing for me to, I have always admire the hair industry. I knew there was a place for me and what I had to offer.

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