Wigs Marketing Techniques to Sell in 2024

Wigs Marketing Techniques for 2024

Lace frontal wigs were once the belle of the ball, suddenly now people are moving towards more practical solutions.

Closure wigs are now developing all the symptoms of a healthy hit.

It’s lighter and easier to manage.

The draining interest towards 13x4 HD frontals and 13x6 HD frontals is getting reallocated in 6x6 and 5x5 closures beside the new 7x7 closures.

We talked previously about how hair business professionals and hair stylists can benefit from professionally colored wigs.

In a nutshell, you can save money, own the inspiration, and save quite a lot of time on complicated processes with Private Label Wigs.

But people who want to make a fortune must read this one.

For people who were off for a while and need a recap to quickly get back on track with the market developments, keep reading to know what is going on.

What is Trending?

Customization is the keyword of 2024.

Hyper-personalization became a thing by giant corporations.

No one now is satisfied by compromising down, especially with everything becoming pricey.

So, If I’m going to pay, I might as well make the best use out of each buck.

Customization is becoming essential.

No customer will settle down with a wig that is bigger than she needs and requires adjusting costs from a high-end hairstylist.

Mass production and mass marketing are so outdated right now.

But how you can ride this wave?

What to Customize?

The question right now is what and how to customize.

Selling wigs requires a certain level of versatility nowadays.

You might offer your customer tweaks with professional colors, wig cap sizes, bleached knots, and pre-cut laces.

Glueless wigs are on fire.

All customers all looking for this wig, they are all probably tired of the old-fashioned wigs with the glue and the exhausting application.

It revolves now around that inspiration not just browsing options that they may like, or you may convince them to buy.

Being able to produce a specific wig inspiration and personalize it is going to be your main profit stream selling wigs.

The Cap Sizes Dilemma

Hair business owners and vendors have been getting away with this for a while.

It’s costly to build an inventory with numerous alterations.

So, sellers may get creative with the lengths and the densities, but not as far as cap sizes.

Actually, I have been thinking of adding extra small wig cap sizes because there are a few who have a hard time finding this wig.

Sellers resonate with one radical solution which is inventorying the medium cap size wig.

Well, it fits most people, and they can adjust this little room up or down at extra cost on their own.

Most of your customization seekers will have trouble with their cap sizes, so watch out for them.

Medical Wig Sustainability

While the demand for wigs and extensions can fluctuate.

There is this market that always proves its ability to overcome any trend.

The medical wigs market.

Hair loss and hair problems are not going anywhere.

They are increasing more than any other thing.

Maybe it has something to do with the water, I don’t know.

When people are not fixated on the luxuries of volume and length, they will be looking for the bare minimum.

If you missed out on my previous big shout-out.

My mentee, India, established Wig Medical, to help people get certified as cranial prosthesis specialists.

It’s a very generous opportunity for disciplined ambitious people who are eager to know the science behind medical wigs.

Ideal Form to Organize Customization

You’re more than welcome to copy this marketing idea for yourself.

I have been using Monday.com to flow out my customization orders.

The ideal form for me is to make every aspect of the product to be adjustable by the client.

In my form, I include the personal and contact details of the client.

Further than that, the texture, the inspiration, the lace type, the density, and the length of the wigs are all adjustable.

The client is going to be able to choose a variety of installation options like pre-cut lace, bleached knots, and glueless bands.

Not forgetting about the cap sizes for sure.

Along with the parting and the delivery options, the freedom you offer will be harvested as a new bond with a loyal customer.

A little note is to include the Shopify order number to produce the order once it’s paid for, and to facilitate better tracking to update the customer about their order.

Utilizing the Market

To differentiate yourself from competitors, it wouldn’t be enough to adjust your margins.

Many brands have been thriving solely for their customer service.

They reach out, they help, and they cater to their people’s needs.

You have to be light and always on the move.

To find the people for have trouble with their wigs and offer them your variations.

To catch customers who have been let down by their vendors or partners.

And attend to their desires.

The key is to be flexible to make a unique product for each customer coming your way.

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