Know Your Goods: 50-Inch Raw Hair Bundle Edition

50-Inch Raw Hair Bundle

Did you see this crazy long hair before and wondered what the heck?

Many artistic stylists depend on these lengths to make their masterpieces.

Those who have been to The Bronner Brothers Show must have seen the contests with the magnificent hairstyles.

In the ‘’Know Your Goods” series, we will point the magnifier on the secret of the trade which starts with the products.

To be a successful hair business owner is not enough to be an ex-customer.

As you enter the business side, there are many secrets to catch up with.

Today, you will learn about the 50-inch and 60-inch raw hair bundles.

These are gems, and they’re not for everybody.

The Material

In Private Label, we partner with manufacturers to make our 45, 50, 55, and 60- inch bundles.

A normal-length raw hair bundle is going to weigh around 100 grams if it’s from a trustworthy source.

The 50-inches raw hair bundle is 250 grams.

By trustworthy source, I mean those who don’t cut off 5 to 10 grams of the bundle to save them for another bundle.

Some cut off 5 grams of 5000 bundles to make another 250 bundles.

Anyway, this raw hair is 100% human hair, which means most of the time it was provided by a donor.

Not necessarily, a single donor as some hair businesses might bluff.

Although, we actually have these too.

But it takes time to grow hair this long to make it equal to the height of a teen!

The Audience

These bundles are not available on our website.

They are scarce to be sold in public.

We have been selling these to celebrities, movie stars, and musicians.

I can name names though, maybe after a decade when I’m retired from the hair business (which I won’t).

That is why we called it Private Label.

Those public figures can write this off as a part of their outfit.

Can you imagine? How Lucky!

This makes them the perfect audience for these kinds of bundles.

The Budget

50-inch raw hair bundle prices have been doubling in the last couple of years.

Now it costs 2.5 times the normal price of a raw hair bundle.

This is pretty reasonable for how tall they are.

Taking in the scarcity and time of growth for them.

But for sure they are worth every penny.

The Usage

Many celebrity stylists love to have a wiggle room to work with even if they have to cut some off to reach the desired style.

They can buy 50-inch raw hair bundles and design them with shorter bundles all around.

But they need a couple of these at least and the outcome is always gorgeous.

It can make a great full sew-in for a beautiful look.

Also, you can steal hearts with a ponytail this long, it’s a guarantee.

Make sure to keep checking The Hair Business Blueprint website to catch up on the knowledge and the hot deals to elevate your hair business and beauty brand.

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