Building a Dropship Hair Extension Website Live Step-by-Step (Part 4)

Building a Dropship Hair Extension Website Part 4

If you didn’t check the previous blogs, you have been missing out on some juicy knowledge that no one tells for free.

We have successfully established the website, designed it, and optimized the hair website imagery, and today we’re going to create some bundles.

I can’t imagine a world where hair businesses don’t smack hot bundle deals on the table to their audience.

It would be a meaningless world.

It all comes down to the experience and the product.

We have paid adequate attention to the experience so far, but what about the products?

Dropshipping App

Do you really see yourself paying for $10,000 inventory, and pile them up in your house or pay for a storage room before even testing the market?

Dropshipping is for professionals as it is for beginners.

I think no one hates to start selling hair within 5 minutes.

Dropship Beauty App enabled tons of entrepreneurs to launch their hair businesses.

With $19.99 you can have access to 250 beauty products.

Frontals, closures, clip-ins, tape-ins, ponytails, and wigs in all textures and colors.

It gets imported to your Shopify store in seconds.

We also facilitate custom branding at Private Label Branding, so, you don’t have to break the bank to buy printers, labels, and packages.

And you can make sales while exploring a forest in Bali while your orders are being shipped out of Atlanta.

Connecting the Domain

We will go to settings then domain, then write down our domain.

What I like about GoDaddy is their domains only, in addition to that, they’re partners with everybody.

Basically, it’s easy so you don’t have to contact them and cost them time and money.

Shopify may require some more adjustments like the DNS and so on.

If they are needed, it shouldn’t take much time, they’re minor copy and paste.

Email Marketing Assets

Down this road, there are two passages, Klaviyo and Shopify Email.

Klaviyo is pretty neat.

But you can start with Shopify Email as it has the basic functionality you’re going to need.

After you install the app, you can access it in the marketing sections.

You should update your templates with different creatives and designs.

And for the campaign, in the beginning, you should focus on the abandonment flows and the welcoming series.

The abandonment might confuse you.

Abandoned Checkout: This means a customer is one step from finalizing the purchase, but she didn’t.

Abandoned Cart: This means a customer added products to her cart but never made it to the checkout.

Abandoned Product Browse: this is when a customer views product pages without adding anything to the cart.

Don’t fear it, the customer will not feel creeped out, they are used to it, and sometimes they just forget so it can be a little help.

Shopify Bundles

I guess you have been wondering about deals of a bundle with a product you have been seeing.

It’s easy, Shopify Bundles helps you to do that in seconds.

You should install it and then access it on the sidebar.

This links up different products on your store that you have imported through your hair dropshipping app.

Let’s see how you can exploit this to the fullest.

Creating Bundles

Once you open the app, you should be able to title your next bundle.

After you name it something cohesive and to the point.

You should app the products to it, try a bundle and an individual hair extension.

Then the bundle editor will pop up, you should treat it like the product editor.

You need to write a good title and a distinctive description with optimized keywords.

You ought to add some clean product pictures with a meaningful name, a focal point, and an Alt text.

Then optimize the search engine listing with the same well-researched keywords, a 160-character description, and a concise short URL.

Ensure that it’s listed under the right product category, probably hair extensions.

And confirm the variants and the margins.

Optimizing Bundles Collections

The collections should be optimized for SEO as well.

If this seems like extra work, you can let ChatGPT help with that.

Ask it for a meta title, meta description, and a URL.

Then make sure it's consistent and humanize it a little.

You have to feature the bundle deals on your header.

Go to navigation > main menu > add sections.

These deals sometimes are the main revenue stream.

Arranging Products and Collections

As you spend time on your website to adjust it and optimize it day by day, you can feel like it’s already perfect.

A new visitor can feel lost.

Do you notice that Amazon brackets all the products down?

You can’t categorize too much.

You should break down wigs into subcategories.

Sames as frontals and closures.

The new customer should be able to hover over any dropdown and get to their destination in seconds.

I also organize the product pictures, so the main picture is consistent all over the products when you view them on a collection page.

They should share the same P.O.V., lighting, and background.

You can even sort it out by color or style.

I don’t want to see a flat iron next to some lashes.

Anyway, I think it might be time for some hair marketing.

Ready to make your own email campaigns and automate them?

This is the real deal, wait around for the next blog!

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