Building a Dropship Hair Extension Website Live Step-by-Step (Part 5)

Dropship Hair Extensions Step by Step Part 5

Email marketing can make up to 30% of your sales, if not more.

Companies spend millions of dollars each year to build lists, reach out to people, and upsell products to them.

They impose a dynamic that lures in and hits with messages down a flow that keeps pouring into sales.

The ideal outcome is a loyal audience base that can be your main profit resource even without new customers.

We have made huge progress with our website, Slayed Hair Co., so far.
And it’s pretty solid except for marketing.

So, in today’s article, I’m going to teach you how to create and automate email campaigns using Shopify Email.

Though Klaviyo might be more sophisticated and richer with options.

But Shopify Email is more affordable, and it can be a good starting point, so you don’t complicate things for yourself.

So, what is the deal?

Abandoned Checkout Flow

Once you install the Shopify Email App, it is going to appear in the marketing sections.

We will need to do a couple of automated flows.

The first flow is the checkout flow, which means a customer picked up a couple of products, and added them to the cart, but never bought them.

It’s a one-email flow, though I preferred it to be 3 or 4 emails.

Anyways, after clicking on it, you should redesign the template.

Starting with the email subject.

It should be catchy and short, followed by a little preview text that acts like a cliffhanger.

You will update the logo.

The header of your email should be a lot like the header of your website.

You can add different sections like texts, dividers, buttons, images, spacers, discounts, gift cards, multicolumn, products, and express checkout.

We can add a row of popular products to get things going.

The header text should be an enticing question about why the customer didn’t finalize the purchase.

The subheading text should be a paragraph with a fun and sassy tone.

Don’t prolong it, no one has time to read this.

The automated flow for this one will be sending the email 10 hours later if the cart is more than $0.

Abandoned Cart Flow

We will activate this email flow, too.

It’s when a customer adds a couple of products to the cart and doesn’t make it to the checkout.

After you craft a good message for the subject and the preview text.

Confirm the header consistency with your brand and other emails.

Then, we’re going to get a little more creative and add a discount section.

That will redirect us to a discount editor.

You will need to write a code for the discount. Let’s call it SLAYED10.

Then, choose the discount rate and condition the eligibility for all customers and all sections of the website.

Set the maximum discount uses to one use.

Decide the validation period for the discount code and write a good copy to encourage people to use it.

Finally, you can link up your website by adding another section with a divider or showing the store as a CTA (call to action) button.

Abandoned Product Browse Flow

This automation is cool.

As soon as a customer leaves a product page, the customer will then be put on the waiting list for a notification email to continue shopping.

The same as the previous emails, start with the subject and the preview message, then move to the email copy.

Your email copy should have a conversational tone.

The brand should look like an approachable, caring friend who bought a product she enjoyed and she’d like to share it with you.

It’s about entertainment and experience.

Shopify Branding

In the setting, you go to branding and start putting things into shape.

This step can help you along the way, so you don’t need to upload your logo with each task.

You should upload your logo and a square logo as a PNG with a transparent background.

Choose your brand's primary and secondary colors.

Add a slogan or a short tagline representing your brand positioning.

Then, update your social media links for a final personalization.

Get your custom hair brand logo now.

Customer Winback

What about a second chance?

Each customer will buy hair every 6 to 8 weeks.

That is a good frequency for the hair industry.

This email flow sends an email in case it has been 60 days since the last fulfilled order.

You can get creative with your marketing tactics.

Someone can give a discount, another one might send a personalized email with similar products, and a few can offer free shipping.

The idea is to make it revolve around the customer's situation.

First Purchase Upsell Flow

It can get a little repetitive, but that’s how you learn.

I like this flow; it drove a decent number of sales for Private Label, which might be beneficial for you, too.

After a customer buys a product, the system is going to offer her some deals she probably missed and products relevant to what she bought.

You have to be enthusiastic about this email; it can add more value to your bond with the customer.

Post Purchase Thank You

This is a non-selling email that shows the warm side of you.

That is the one you will seriously need to be sassy about.

The cool thing is that Flow has two emails.

The first email will be sent after the first purchase when you break the ice, show your purpose and your appreciation, and talk a little bit about your brand.

The second email will be sent after the second purchase, get crazy with that one, make it a big deal to appreciate just a customer who trusted you enough to purchase twice.

The email template has a rectangle picture.

Summon Dall.E and create a wide-angle picture with the same prompts we used in the previous blog.

Show a thankful model smiling right back at the loyal customer.

Be warm and care about this one.

Welcome Series

Once a prospect signs up on your website or email list, she will receive a couple of welcoming emails to introduce the brand.

The template should include everything from products to media or testimonials.

You can actually display your picture and introduce your brand with a personal statement.

The warmer you're welcoming, the more the customer will feel at home and connect with the brand.

In the next article, we will discuss a little more about everything to finalize the website and make it live.

You know where to find us, don’t miss out on this.

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