Building a Dropship Hair Extension Website Live Step-by-Step (Part 6)

Dropship Hair Extensions Step by Step Part 6

We will be going to discuss a little protocol before launching your hair website live.

The case study will revolve around our website Slayed Hair Co., and I’ll be giving it away to some deserved winner.

As a complementary to our building a dropship hair extension website.

It was fun getting into the details of building a hair website from the bottom up.

I hope the winner of this website will make the most out of it and stay consistent about optimizing it to its full potential.

Let’s know about the final steps before and after launching your hair website. These are essentials that every website should have.

Before Launching the Website

To begin with, you will need to publish at least three blog posts that are well-researched about the topics you know everything about. You can steal my blogging strategy for your website.

Optimize it for SEO by incorporating keywords with low competition. Check the free keywords tool of Ahrefs to get words related to your business.

Then, go to the store details in the settings to update your phone number, business email, and billing information, and check your time zone.

Then, head to billing and update your credit card.

For the website winner, they can, unfortunately, remove me and add themselves in the users & permissions.

Set up the payments, too; Shopify Payments is going to facilitate your e-commerce experience behind what you think.

Verifying your PayPal account is also an extra option.

You will need to double-check your shipping settings to set your shipping rates and if you want to offer free shipping for orders exceeding a certain value.

For taxes I prefer TaxJar, but Shopify partners with Vertex TaxCalc, this integration can benefit you, or you can wait for new apps to be added if it doesn’t satisfy your needs.

Also, double-check your brand section and then update all your policies.

Check the email notifications to get updates with every change, you can install the Shopify mobile app, it’s convenient.

Open the online store > customize > theme settings > and update your social media links so they don’t redirect to the Shopify Channels.

You can add more links and buttons to the footer menu, too.

Finally, craft a wise ‘’About Us’’ page that represents your brand’s deep meanings, goals, mission, and vision.

While relating to the customer, she feels it’s about her.

After Launching the Website

The blog didn’t end there.

You will have to write one weekly and publish it with fine imagery and aiding materials.

You’re going to add your credit card to the Dropship Beauty App so you can fulfill any order that’s being processed to get shipped to the customer.

Import more products to make a variety for your customers.

A great SEO tool that you can use for free is Google Search Console to analyze your traffic and audience and to know where you stand.

Then, set Google Analytics up and link it to Shopify in the preferences section.

And install the Google, Facebook, and YouTube apps for Shopify to integrate your social presence in case you need to monetize the traffic at some point.

Eventually, you will go to checkout > marketing options > Check the SMS box. Remember those days when SMS was not so sell-y?

You can make that happen; don’t push too hard.

Many tools can help you with that, like PostScript and Attentive.

You will need to activate those sales funnels as you get bigger.

Branding for Dropshipping

Many people respect wholesaling more for its personalized touch.

Dropshipping can seem emotionless because you sell products that you didn’t touch sometimes.

That might be true, so we had to do something about it.

Private Label Branding took it to another level.

When you buy unbranded products on Dropship Beauty, you go to Private Label Branding and buy yourself hair extensions packaging bags, labels, boxes, and even custom logos.

We assign your branding assets to a bin in our warehouse. When an order arrives for you, we tag the products, package them, and ship them to your customers.

Not only that, but you can also bring your own branding assets and little personalized notes, and we will keep them for you in the warehouse.

We have the capacity for the size of a single bin only, so you don’t lose anything, don’t bring more than that. If this is not fine branding, I don’t know what is.

Additional Resources and Cheat Codes

We are pretty set right now, but the learning doesn’t stop, ever.

On Hair Biz Radio, we host experienced lawyers, CPAs, celebrities, stylists, and entrepreneurs.

Along with me and Zakiyrah, each one of us has ten years of experience in the hair industry alone.

Hence, each episode probably has around 30 to 50 years of collective experience.

The Hair Business Masterclass, priced at $5 to keep the scammers away, is a wonderful community that enables hair enthusiasts to reach their dreams.

We update the learning materials each week and have discussions, sometimes one-on-one coaching meetings.

The Hair Business Blueprint Planner is the cheat code to be consistent and not miss a whisper while building your business up.

Last but not least, my book Fearless Beauty is my honest statement of my personal journey in the hair industry alongside the practical tactics to cut through the e-commerce scene.

Be consistent and be fearless.

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