Start Dropshipping Hair, Wigs, Lashes, and Cosmetics (Dropship Beauty Shopify App Overview)

Dropship Hair Extensions

I will try to be neutral about it. But I don’t promise you.

Dropship Beauty has been enriched with tons of features since it was first launched in 2018.

It’s crazy convenient for any beauty business boss who wants to crush the opponents. And let's face it, we need all the help we can get when learning how to start a hair extension business.

Dropship Beauty App facilitates e-commerce to an unprecedented level with various products, timely shipments, and a long line of customization options.

It lets you unburden yourself from crumpled papers of long calculations to figure out how you could afford to wholesale as you begin.


Your Products

It’s not exclusively for hair.

With a variety of 250 products, and products being added each week.

You’ll have access to different beauty products.

That includes hair care products, lashes, lip gloss, lipstick, flat irons, and a lot more.

The hair products involve closures, frontals, ponytails, tape-ins, and wigs.

It’s 100% human hair from trusted Private Label manufacturers.

Most of the products are unbranded, you can add your touch with Private Label Branding, with services like customized satin bags, bonnets, labels, boxes, and logos.

Your Margin

You can always adjust your margins on Shopify through the price multiplier.

Where a multiplier of 2x can make a 50% profit.

The thing is most dropshipping apps can store the items abroad in warehouses in China.

The initial cost can look small, but the overall cost will be ridiculous, I have been there.

Importing the Products

After installing the app, you will have access to the products.

Then you can easily import them to your store.

For bulk importing it can take more time, by that I mean, around one minute.

The products will be imported with a title, descriptions, and a couple of clean pictures.

All it will take is adjusting the look of it to personalize it for your hair store, and you will be good to go within seconds.

Just organize reasonable collections and import the products you’re able to sell to the targeted audience base.

Logistics You Need to Know

A real upside is that all the products will be shipped through us from our warehouses in Atlanta.

That being said, it promises fast deliveries as it’s already stored in the US.

Which makes shipping and returns quite easy.

Aside from that, you can have an area for yourself in our warehouse.

That can help you store your branding assets like bags and labels, or the branded products themselves.

And our crew will take care of the rest for you.

Pricing Plans

The reasonable plan will be $19.99 to be able to make unlimited orders along with custom branding supports and product videos.

All of that with a free 30-day trial, customer support, and access to all products.

The product photos will be limited in the basic plan but as you move up you will have more resources available to you.

You can get two months for free if you pay yearly.

It can save you a lot of trouble bundling up our products.

You can start your business immediately after setting it up legally.

The ideal process will be purchasing a website template from the Dropship Beauty website for $99.

Our team will set it up for you in a week with customized preferences.

You will have the Dropship Beauty app installed already with imported products.

Nothing can beat the convenience of that, I guess.

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