How Do Hair Entrepreneurs Travel for Free

how to travel the world for free

If you don’t enjoy your entrepreneurial life, there is something wrong with you.

You have to compensate for the long nights and stressful meetings.

I have been traveling the world literally for free with just view tips.

It’s good for your growth, good for your business, and good for your mental health.

Especially if you’re into the hair business, you can do your business trips to meet vendors for free and save these expenses for your marketing budget.

So, what do entrepreneurs don’t tell you?

Building Up Personal Credit

As you see, 50% of your credit score depends on the past.

Your payment history takes a chunk of 35%. That is why it’s super critical to pay your credit amounts weekly if possible.

Before they sit in your account long enough to recur interests.

Following it is the length of your credit history, it’s always in your best interest to never close an account.

Keep it even idle while being careful about opening a new credit line as it takes the average length down.

It shows how trustworthy you are. And it makes you eligible to apply for business credit.

Just be simplistic about it and don’t buy things that take time to pay off.

Dismissing Debit Cards

Your debit card is not protected. If you ever encountered a fraud incident and you called your bank, they can do nothing about it.

Although, they’ll be fast and forward about any messed-up situation with your credit card.

The annoying thing about debit cards is that they’re a place for your money to be lazy.

No matter how much you pay with it, you won’t get anything back, you’re basically just paying the bank for transactions.

While all credit cards have a reward system that comes in cashback, SkyMiles, or discounts.

Being Strategic About the Trips

You need to be strategic in considering two aspects, airlines, and hotels.

Airlines: Based on your state, you need to pick the airline with the biggest hub in your airport.

So, as I live in Atlanta, I’m very loyal to Delta!

They have a great reward system and they’re the main hub in my local airport.

Hotels: You can maximize your experience by choosing to pick up a hotel that goes with your airline at the same time as your desired destinations.

That way you can get the most out of your points system.

Hacking the Point System

How do you benefit from an AMEX card?

Well, let’s think about it like that.

If you make a hair sale per day on your hair business website.

You’ll be getting 36,000 SkyMiles per year.

If you get ten a day, you get 360,000 a year!

From a personal experience, you can go to numerous places with these rewards.

Nevertheless, enjoying the STATUS.

With a crazy lounge, you can eat and drink for free before your flights.

By using cards like the Marriott Bonvoy Boundless credit card from Chase, you can easily enjoy free nights by just paying for your regular meals and day-to-day activities.

Fuel Up on Business Transactions

Maximize your business expenses on the right cards to earn the right status.

So, in Private Label, I spend $100,000 on social media every year.

By choosing the right category for my AMEX Card, I can get 3x points, sweet and easy.

While my living expenses are quite simple, I am growing my business as with growing business, my expenses do too. Which results in higher amounts of points.

By adopting a growth mindset with clear goals. You can get rewarded for your spending without locking your money idle in the bank.

Stay Loyal to Get Royal

I earned Marriott lifetime status, and I am heading for the Delta lifetime gold status by sticking to them for 10 years.

It’s a bit more like a long-term goal.

And it’s beneficial for both of you.

If you don’t know, Delta Airlines technically became a credit card business, as they make more money circulating this way than getting fixated on the flying business.

And it’s better for them to take back your miles so they don’t fly off empty.

While it’s better for you to enjoy luxurious suites, comfy lounges, and inclinable bed seats.

Just by staying loyal, showing up early, and being polite. You can literally become a brand ambassador.

So, be sure where to spend your money with emphasis on how to spend it and tell nobody about these tricks.

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