Fearless Beauty is featured in the ENTREPRENEUR article “10 Books for the Aspiring Entrepreneurs Summer Reading List.”

Fearless Beauty is featured in the ENTREPRENEUR article “10 Books for the Aspiring Entrepreneurs Summer Reading List.”

Entrepreneur, an internationally renowned magazine that first published in the 1970s, is widely read for its articles and interviews with high profile business and thought leaders.

In the intro to a May, 2021 article,“10 Books for the Aspiring Entrepreneurs Summer Reading List,” author Peter Daisyme, an Entrepreneur Leadership Network VIP points out that the pandemic has actually “fueled startup growth,” but there is more to entrepreneurship than just knowing how to do what you do and working hard. It is, he says, also “about the inspiration to stick it out from startup to sell-off.”

The books on his list, he says, “will motivate your journey and tickle your brain.”
From an examination of changes wrought by the gig economy, to what today’s executive should know and SEO, to expert advice for entrepreneurs in how to be more confident in making money decisions, a guide to investing, the list contains a plethora of valuable information for anyone trying to build a brand.

Not only is mine the only book featured in the article about the beauty industry -but FEARLESS BEAUY - THE HAIR BUSINESS BLUEPRINT is the only one about a specific industry. FEARLESS BEAUTY fits in because it is much more than just a book about beauty - this is a book about the business of beauty. Entrepreneurs and executives from other industries will also learn a lot from my book, but for those working in hair and beauty, industry watchers have been saying it truly is essential reading.

What they said : “Mikey Moran wasn’t a typical beauty business entrepreneur. His visionary approach to launching a beauty brand seemed radical. Yet like so many radical ideas, it worked brilliantly. This success catapulted the serial founder into global recognition, and encouraged him to advise other innovators on everything from inner resilience to consumer responsiveness. Though Fearless Beauty concentrates on giving industry tips for sprouting beauty-related organizations, its core principles apply across all sectors.”

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