Flewed Out: New Orleans Edition

Flewed Out: New Orleans Edition

Contest is LIVE! How to Win is in this article!

What you Will Win!

The Flewed Out: New Orleans contest winner will receive:

  • Flight to New Orleans
  • Hotel in New Orleans
  • $500 Cash Spending Money
  • Ticket to the Bronner Bros Hair Show (Aug 28 - 30)
  • Access to Live Hair Biz Radio Podcast taping
  • Access to the Hair Business Blueprint class

This is a game-changer for anyone in the hair industry!

Why am I Doing This?

The support for Private Label and its sister brands has been phenomenal since we first got started in 2014. I had nothing when starting this business. No money. No Credit. Just an idea.

This hair business has taken me places I never thought I would go. Around the world and back!

If you read my book, Fearless Beauty, you would know my "Why" for my business is to help others be successful in the beauty industry. I dedicate almost all my time doing so. 

What fun is life if you can't share what you are doing with others?

The Private Label team is SO EXCITED to go to the Bronner Bros hair show in New Orleans. Many of the team members going will be visiting NOLA for the first time. 

I think this travel and event experience would elevate anyone looking to grow their hair business. Being able to bring someone outside of our organization, possibly you, is so rewarding and exciting!

Sometimes we need a little luck in life. Someone to uplift us once in the right direction.

This contest will allow me to share the Travel & Hair Event experience with someone that supports us. 

Now, how to win! 

Leave a comment at the bottom of this page with WHY you really need to win this trip. Please include your city so I can make sure you are in the USA as this contest is only valid for the continental 48 states.

As the Private Label team grows, so will contests like this.

Thank you for your support since 2014. 

~ Mikey


  • Shelli Santos

    Honestly, I became a licensed Cosmetologist in 2004 and life stuff got me away from the industry and then brought me right back. I’ve always been the boss or working independently so I knew I wanted more than renting a chair. My dreams in the industry are bigger now and since I’ve started studying the PLE way and watching Mikey. I’ve found a charge and am ready to get out here and soak up the industry from new places. Meet people who are doing better than me. There’s a wave coming and I’m just trying to ride it. This has become a great journey and I’m no where, YET! 😍🥳✈️💰

  • Chanelle James

    This trip would mean alot to me as my family and I have taken loss after loss since covid was announced and even before in so many ways and I’ve just had to find a way to make it.. I’ve never had a mentor or anyone to help me along the way in this business or in the cosmetology world and I just have pushed myself to keep going and learn as i go… I know I could go soooo much further with the right influences like you Mikey!. This would be my first time attending and It would be great to have this experience for me and to show my children anything is possible even when you feel there’s no hope in sight. (Arlington) p.s I would like you to autograph my copy of fearless beauty!

  • Pamela Parker

    I’m in Milwaukee Wisconsin. I want to be chosen as this winner as not only a boost to my confidence but my business. I think that being in proximity is priceless! I learn as much as I can from masterclass and the hair. I’m group as well as all of the other channels you provide information. But being in the environment with all of the beauty industry and seeing 1st hand the podcast etc will be invaluable. I push myself Every day because I’m in the process of creating a full time business in beauty for myself and family. This opportunity will be the catalyst for my growth. I believe if it’s for me , it will be. As a side note I’ve never experienced Bronner or New Orleans so all of it as a whole would be amazing and I’d be sure to share as much as I can as I absorb

  • Kiarra Nelms

    Residing in a Youngstown,Oh there are not many opportunities in general let alone in the hair industry.I taught myself how to braid my own hair at the age of 11,after my aunts refused to help me.I also taught myself how to do wigs,weaves,etc and obtained my braiding license after seeing that there wasn’t gonna be a fairy hair God mom to drop in and show me the how to’s.When I decided get into the hair business I found Mikey and he has been a jewel since!I NEED to win,because I know that it will take me yo that next level and gas light me to the top.But in all that and also from my own experiences,I not only want to win in order to help my brand,but to also reach my hand back and help those who were where I once was.Having someone like Mikey,who will give you the bread,meat and potatoes and changed my way of thinking tremendously.Founders Dr.Nathaniel Bronner Sr and Arthur E Bronner Sr have also done so much in the hair business in the past 72+ years,and it would be an honor to be able to see first hand how it all works.Alot of people want to win this because they see a free trip and cash but I NEED this because I LITERALLY breathe hair!This is about making a difference in the hair community and providing top quality items!I have the drive and potential to end up being one of the best,I just need an extra push.Its my time not now but right now and I’m going all gas no brakes!!🙏🏿💜

  • Gwendolyn Smith

    Everybody want to win but I truly need this push. Life has hit me hard these past couple months. From personal to business. However, I always remind myself why I need to succeed in the hair industry and that’s because my three young handsome sons. I need this experience to boost my confidence,my knowledge and break out my shell. I’m shy at networking and meeting new people and maybe this event will help me break out this shyness. I need to win this trip because I know I can learn so much from Mikey and his team. I’m a open book and all I need is a solid mentor willing to help me write on these blank pages. Thank you for even creating this opportunity. Hometown Chicago and Now reside in Indiana.

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