Flewed Out: New Orleans Edition

Flewed Out: New Orleans Edition

Contest is LIVE! How to Win is in this article!

What you Will Win!

The Flewed Out: New Orleans contest winner will receive:

  • Flight to New Orleans
  • Hotel in New Orleans
  • $500 Cash Spending Money
  • Ticket to the Bronner Bros Hair Show (Aug 28 - 30)
  • Access to Live Hair Biz Radio Podcast taping
  • Access to the Hair Business Blueprint class

This is a game-changer for anyone in the hair industry!

Why am I Doing This?

The support for Private Label and its sister brands has been phenomenal since we first got started in 2014. I had nothing when starting this business. No money. No Credit. Just an idea.

This hair business has taken me places I never thought I would go. Around the world and back!

If you read my book, Fearless Beauty, you would know my "Why" for my business is to help others be successful in the beauty industry. I dedicate almost all my time doing so. 

What fun is life if you can't share what you are doing with others?

The Private Label team is SO EXCITED to go to the Bronner Bros hair show in New Orleans. Many of the team members going will be visiting NOLA for the first time. 

I think this travel and event experience would elevate anyone looking to grow their hair business. Being able to bring someone outside of our organization, possibly you, is so rewarding and exciting!

Sometimes we need a little luck in life. Someone to uplift us once in the right direction.

This contest will allow me to share the Travel & Hair Event experience with someone that supports us. 

Now, how to win! 

Leave a comment at the bottom of this page with WHY you really need to win this trip. Please include your city so I can make sure you are in the USA as this contest is only valid for the continental 48 states.

As the Private Label team grows, so will contests like this.

Thank you for your support since 2014. 

~ Mikey


  • Briana Tuck

    Hey Mikey & Team my name is Briana and I am currently serving in Kansas AD Army. I was afforded the amazing opportunity last year June to be able to start my own business with your guidance from afar. It’s something I put a lot into and became overwhelmed because it wasn’t taking off like I’d wanted it to, I’ve recently got back into focusing on my business and it’s just something I’m missing and I feel as though I need mentoring and more up front personal guidance. It would be the opportunity of a lifetime to be able to meet you in person and get guidance. Thank you for providing all of us with your knowledge and resources, you’re definitely out here changing lives Mikey. 🌻

  • Shauna Thomas

    Hello Private Label family! I need to win this contest because it would be a defibrillator for me. I ran into some life challenges and true to human nature, I went back to what I knew….working my 9 to 5 as THEE sure fire solution to my issues. I’ve since been in a corner researching and looking for that spark that I have to catch on fire🔥. I’ve never been to one of these conventions and would appreciate the ability to be completely surrounded by the love, passion, talent and creativity that is the beauty industry. To me ..when I think of the Bronner Brother’s Convention….I envision a magnificent representation of Fearless Beauty!!

  • Keisha gamble

    Hi my name is Keisha and winning this contest will be a dream come true for me. I have been struggling to get my business all the way up and started since my fiancé and I have been in and out of court to fight for his children who’s mother had passed away in 2019. The constant fees and missing days from work has really put an damper on our finances so it’s been hard for me to get the things that is needed to start my business. I would love to see how to run a business up close and personal. This year I have decided to sacrifice a lot in my life and go for my dreams. Winning this will put some hope back in me. I’m an nurse who have been out here alongside with other medical personnel’s fighting this thing called Covid and I’m ready to become my own boss. Maybe watching and learning from one of the best that has done it will give me high hopes. I’m praying and manifesting that I win this contest and get FLEWED OUT to see you and your team at work. Who knows I might see you next year at the next event. I really hope you pick me and good luck to everybody that’s entering the contest.

  • Kourtney Beverly-Dixon

    Hi I’m Kourtney from Philly! First let me start off by saying my WHY. I’m doing this to break generational curses, to build generational wealth, to create financial freedom and most importantly to take care of my family. I want to be an impact/big influence in my children’s life and to show them this is what can happen when you put in hard work and dedication to investing in yourself. The sky is the limit. That being said this trip would mean so much to me. I never thought I would be in the beauty industry coming from working in the medical field and man I’m enjoying this new venture. What an opportunity this would be to get all of the knowledge, Inspiration, creativity and dedication that all of these wonderful vendors have put into their business. Most importantly to be able to get to spend time behind the scenes and share this moment with the famous Mikey and Private Label brand and the gems that I know he will be dropping. Oh this would be such a dream come true. Thank you so much Mikey for creating this opportunity. Everyone good luck!

  • Monique Remo

    Hailing from Las Vegas NV WHY I need this trip is because I can end the reason to WHY I’m wanting to start my business in the first place. I simply need this trip bc I had absolutely no idea how to turn my dream into a vision until I read your book. Am I a single mother just like everyone else? Up. Is life hard for me?. Not compared to others but who isnt struggling right now? I need to win this bc I am breaking generational cycles, curses & I’m starting a new generational wealth & new cycle of life for a lifetime not just right now bc everyone wants to come up in the business. I Want to know & understand the whole process of Entrepreneurship in the Beauty World. The changes it makes over time. When I was a little girl I was very insecure about how I looked. I thought I wasn’t beautiful enough. As I got older became a beauty school dropout lol the beauty industry hair, makeup, colors everything about beauty made me feel beautiful. Now almost at 39 I’m all about giving back & I created my business couple years ago wanting to help those little girls just like me to feel beautiful. Bc today the suicide rate is extremely for youth today with insecurities. So this opportunity would allow me to turn my vision into a reality I can PAY MY GOOD DEED FORWARD by being a true blessing to someone else as if I’m chosen YOU being a true blessing to me!! Success doesn’t come from being rich success comes from BLESSING OTHERS TO BECOME BLESSED! Blessings & Namaste 🙏🏽✨🙌🏽❤.

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