How Much Does It Cost to Open a Hair Store? (Smyrna Edition)

How Much Does It Cost to Open a Hair Store? (Smyrna Edition)

Private Label has five hair stores across Atlanta and Michigan.

After getting through all the noises and troubles of finding a good spot.

The next thing you will do is decorate this place with amenities.

Inflation can beat you up, but you can resort to generic products that serve its purpose.

You can cut down the decorations and invest in more essential stuff.

Today, I’ll discuss with you the expenses it took to get the Smyrna location ready back in 2022.

It might be my least expensive lease of the five locations.

Get your calculator ready and let’s dive in.



I negotiated my way out of starting the lease before the store was finished.

That can save you months while the construction is getting done.

I signed a multi-year contract for $3000 per month.

With a $5000 channel letter sign of Private Label shining up the front.

And they actually dealt with the city for the permits for me.


As you go into the store, you’ll find a $2000 mirror from Anthropology with side decorations and flowers that cost $1000.

In addition to $1000 of interior design costs.

Based on your space and capacity you will set up receptionists’ desks, I got three from Modern Office. They are $1000 each.

With 2 I-Macs at $3000 to test the footfall before getting the third.

And 2 kits of Shopify Point of Sale for $1500. We might want to start with one priced at $750 and then buy more.

You might need miscellaneous decorations all over the place for around $500.

I also bought two console tables for $150 each on Amazon.

I love these round mirrors, so I got three medium-sized ones for $150.

The lash stands cost $3 so I got fifty of them.

The ceiling tiles cost around $1500 with installation.

Besides, of course, $1000 for the lighting.


You will have tons of bins.

Each one costs around $10 to $15 at Uline.

But try to manage some kind of discount with a Uline representative.

As the total cost for bins reached north of $3000.


I got this heavy door for $200 with a security bar for $200.

In addition to a $400 welder.

These things will take a really long time to be broken.

With a $500 alarm system.

And $200 each for the security cameras. As you would want to keep your employees safe and sound.

Speaking of safety, the building owner will have a safety system to prevent fires.

Its maintenance cost will be $200 yearly.


The store has four shelved stands for $200 each.

Furthermore, it has three long shelves where the wigs go, priced at $50 with an additional cost of installation at $200.

The mannequin heads for the wigs will probably be around $30 to $40 each.

Staff Amenities

I picked up those cute chairs for $150 for each employee.

As they will be spending most of their days there.

It will be nice to get them a mini fridge for $200 to keep their beverages cool.

And a $150 microwave for lunch breaks.

You can also spend $200 on trash cans.

The Google Nest Wi-Fi will help keep the employees on the same network throughout the store, the 2-terminal device is priced at $400.


I recommend buying a tool kit and a drill from Home Depot.

It will help you to do a little maintenance yourself from time to time.

They will cost just $200.


Your cleaning supplies will cost $400 to $500 along with the vacuum.

For sure, you have to buy tissues, paper towels, and toilet paper.

Buy them in bulk from Costco, they will be around $75.

Monthly Expenses

Your monthly expenses will be divided into the following:

The lease = $3000

Security = $25

Cloud Service = $40

Internet = $100

Utilities = $200

And you will be good to go.

The hair extension inventory will be up to you, but maybe expect something that can go as up to $50,000.

Hopefully this is a good breakdown of how to start a hair business that you can use!

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