Internationally Renowned KIRKUS REVIEWS loves my new book FEARLESS BEAUTY

Fearless Beauty Review

It was great to read this fantastic review from the people most well known for book reviews! I’m so pleased to see how well my new book is being received!

KIRKUS called my book “A useful, informative startup primer blending nuts-and-bolts knowledge with cleareyed motivation.”

The reviewer pointed out that the reader learns not just how to set up an extraordinary hair sales business, but more generally, about entrepreneurship in general, describing it as a “self help book” for entrepreneurs.

Clearly the reviewer did a deep dive into the book, because this review goes into impressive detail. Kirkus writes about how in FEARLESS BEAUTY I tell the aspiring beauty entrepreneur literally everything they need to know - “including legally establishing your business, opening bank accounts, registering a domain name, and building a website.” As he goes on to say, “The author also discusses higher-level business issues, such as whether to carry inventory and deliver products yourself or farm those tasks out to drop-shipping companies, the niceties of crafting a name and logo—avoid eccentric spellings that potential customers won’t remember, he cautions—and which advertising platforms to use.”

The review goes on to talk about how I take customer engagement very seriously - and I advise that others in business do the same. As the reviewer points out, I teach readers “of the importance of consistent performance, especially in communicating and engaging with consumers,” whether in handwritten thank you notes to my customers, or in the blogs I am well known for.

The review also goes into another important aspect of going into business that I cover in my book - one that just doesn’t get talked about enough in the world of entrepreneurship.

“Moran goes on to explore some deeper mental and emotional aspects of starting a business.”
I’m impressed with how well KIRKUS did at encapsulating the most important message in my book, one that, as they point out, people in any business can learn from : “Most of all, he contends, startup entrepreneurs need to set actionable goals, make detailed plans, have realistic expectations—anticipate endless hours of work before you even quit your day job—and learn to live with and overcome the inescapable fear of doing something new and risky.”

In summary the last paragraph of the review says, “The author brings a wealth of hard-won experience to the subject from his own business successes and failures, and he deftly conveys it to readers. His prose is lucid, straightforward, and replete with aphoristic distillations of wisdom. (Those seeking feedback on their businesses’ performance from friends and family should “be careful of false validation, the tendency of people to shield those they love from uncomfortable truths.”) The result is a lively and judicious how-to that will give readers a superb introduction to the rigors of the marketplace. A useful, informative startup primer blending nuts-and-bolts knowledge with cleareyed motivation.”

Thanks to KIRKUS for the kind words.

Read the whole review at Kirkus Reviews: Fearless Beauty Review

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