Medical Wigs Industry Debunked: India Mason Answers Your Questions

Medical Wigs Industry Debunked

My most dedicated student is, for sure, India Mason.

I’d like to think of her as my mentee, and I’m honored to say that.

She invested her time in all the material I’ve been offering, especially my book Fearless Beauty.

The medical wig industry may have some mystique about it.

You can see those specialists working their way with stylists as well as insurance companies.

What is the connection, though?

India Mason, the founder of Wig Medical, will answer your questions.

What is The Learning Material?

The certification course bundle offers numerous courses that cover the practice.

The medical certificate includes materials on how health insurance billing works and how to comply with The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) regulations.

After you finish the course you get a medical kit, a custom lab coat with your name, and a framed certificate.

With supporting courses that teach you how to find medical wigs vendors and how to make deals with them.

A Local SEO course to get listed on Wig Medical, grow your business, share your story, and rank higher on your territory search results.

A cranial prosthesis connections course to reach out to dermatologists and communicate with them with email templates, one-to-one techniques, and guerrilla marketing tactics.

In addition to a hack that you can’t find anywhere on the planet.

The bundle involves a dermatologist directory for the region you work on that can have up to 2500 leads to connect with.

How Long Does It Take?

Based on your learning pace and how you digest the information.

The courses mainly have around nine chapters, and they can vary from 4 to 6 hours.

A decent schedule can be one hour a day for a week to finish a course.

You can finish the essential first because the SEO listing and dermatologist outreach will take time to take off.

How Healthy Is the Medical Wig Market?

The cosmetic wig market might suffer fluctuations sometimes because of various factors like fashion trends and product developments.

The medical wigs market, on the contrary, is pretty solid.

Because it revolves around health issues, and sadly, they're always there.

When the dermatologist finishes examining and gives out his recommendations, he most of the time needs a third party to fulfill the needs of his patients.

That's when a cranial prosthesis specialist comes in handy and supports him and his patients.

Not only to provide the medical wig but to write it off in the insurance, too.

From the specialist's point of view, the market is not saturated right now in your practice.

What Is the Target Audience Behavior?

The patients' situations are quite variable.

There are people in chemotherapy who need a medical wig due to hair loss.

People can have scalp problems that are increasingly causing hair loss.

Or burn victims whose skin has special conditions.

Based on their dermatologist's prescription, their condition, and the severity of it.

You can have patients buy different wigs on a quarterly to an annual basis and in some cases every couple of months.

Cosmetic Wigs Vs. Medical Wigs

Unlike cosmetic wigs, medical wigs are built with soft materials.

They’re not pushing the needle with them but in Private Label we’re trying to get innovative with them.

Incorporating things like custom ventilation systems.

The inside of the wig, if it’s a lace frontal wig, for instance, can be finished with silk to provide this softness.

Some can take more time to import, so it’s preferable to stock ahead of time.

It’s a solid market because people seek a natural look, and the entire team tries to restore their original look.

That’s the functional advantage of the medical wigs as well as the inside of them.

People will want to feel they belong to their hair again.

Is It Credible?

The course is totally credited while presenting yourself to dermatologists and insurance companies.

The time invested in these courses certainly pays back.

You can be ready and off to the market and start building connections right away. Patience will be needed in your SEO work and in settling down your vendors' agreements.

This can be your big entrée to the hair industry.

Wig Medical is the encyclopedia of this field.

With additional material being added every month.

The winner routine will be subscribing to this without leaving a bite of information while working up the listing efforts and dedicating a handful of hours every day to the outreach.

Make your own hair business checklist now. 

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