10 Things to Do for Your Hair Business When You're Getting Started

Hair Business Checklist

These are my 10 commandments for any lady starting her hair business or beauty brand.

Breaking one of these is crossing a line for me.

I have been in the hair industry for ten years, and as I began, I missed a lot of things due to a lack of knowledge.

Don’t be like me and cut through your e-commerce brand easily with tips like a hot knife through butter.

If you’re a dedicated person you can finish this up in a couple of weeks, but sometimes this can be a bad thing, keep reading to know why.

Name Your Hair Business

What is the little princess going to be called?

Choose a name that relates to your business, or you can try out longshots, why does Apple sell mobile phones?

Make sure you name standouts and do a little research on Google first to find out if someone is using it.

Then go to GoDaddy and get yourself a domain accordingly in case the name is also available on social media.

Don’t Skip the Legal Jargon

You can hire a lawyer but most probably he will take your information and copy- paste it online on a couple of government websites. 

Setting up your hair business legally is the best way to get started.

That begins with setting up an LLC on the secretary of state website.

Then go to the IRS website to get an employer identification number (EIN).

Visit the bank to open a business account to get a business credit card based on your personal credit score.

If there is more than one partner, the bank is going to need an operating agreement but rather than that, it will be smooth.

Check the full version here.

Set Up Professional Email Address

Your business email address gives you legitimacy and social proof.

People will take you more seriously.

Google Workspace is quite easy and it’s the Gmail of businesses.

Get one for you and your time sign up on your domain, so you don’t overcrowd your personal inbox.

Pick Your E-Commerce Platform

Shopify is the best e-commerce platform out there. I discussed 10 options in this blog before.

But really Shopify will do it.

You can subscribe to The Hair Business Blueprint Channel, I build websites from scratch all the time, and sometimes I give one out for free.

You should design it yourself, better than hiring a professional, to know your business deeply.

Dropshipping Vs. Wholesale Battle

You have to choose between dropshipping, wholesale, and a hybrid model.

Dropshipping can cut down your costs massively even if it’s not the most profitable option.

Wholesaling is low key risky, if you’re just beginning, your stock can lay around your storage room for a long time.

The hybrid model is a compromise, but you will start with dropshipping before stocking anything.

I ended the debate in this article.

Custom Packaging for Your Hair Business

You will need to buy labels and slips printers and their materials if you’re going to package your orders.

And make a deal with a shipping company, and they can get crazy sometimes.

What I would recommend is hopping on our dropshipping app, Dropship Beauty.

Partner with Private Label Branding to get custom labels, tags, boxes, and logos.

And we will store that at our warehouse and take care of the rest for you.

Set Up Social Media Accounts

You have to get the word out.

But social traffic is tricky, you can be getting tons of followers, however, is all of them women? Do they use hair products? Or are you wasting your time?

The trick is the targeting and filtering out.

Know who to nurture and who to reach out to.

Your social image should align with your website and the physical brand that the customers experience when they unbox an order from you.

Building Lists

Lists are not exclusively for emails.

You should extract contacts and leads from your social channels, different store platforms, and even podcasts if you have any.

Publish guides and beauty planners for free.

It can be a 30-day challenge to look or to feel better.

Offer them on your website through a lead magnet pop-up.

Don’t ask for the phone number and the email at the same time, it can be a turnoff.

Organize these leads in a clean Google Sheet and track their performance every month.

Know how to manage your lists here.

Starting A Hair Blog

Those who only sell, go to hell.

It’s mandatory to have valuable content on your website.

If you don’t have the needed writing skills, you can hire a freelancer online on Upwork or another platform.

You need at least 3 blogs 1000 words long before launching your website.

Supported with images and infographics.

Get the Mindset Right

No man survives with no plan.

If you rush right through the door and smash the hair industry, you will burn out yourself in two weeks.

But if you have a clear plan that is actionable on a long-term basis, your efforts can accumulate to success.

In my book Fearless Beauty, I discovered the true meaning of running a business, not the universal truth, but my honest journey.

That’s why I advise you to stay positive and be consistent.

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