6-Steps To Set Up Your Hair Business Legally (With A Unique Name)

6-Steps To Set Up Your Hair Business Legally (With A Unique Name)

I know that one of the things holding you back is the boring side of the hair business.

Unlike marketing and hair extension branding, there are unattractive things about setting up a business.

Today, I’ll introduce simple guidelines for how to legalize your entity.

I’m sure that it will get you going with any heavy lifting.

Most of these steps can be done while you’re sipping an iced coffee on a calm afternoon.

And while we are on the subject of getting organized, make sure you check out the Hair Business Planner to set your hair company up for success.

So, what the big fuss is about?

Trademark It

A lot of brands wouldn’t succeed as they did if they had a bad name.

So, the first step in your process will be coming up with the charm that will take most of your day for the next few months.

By going to the United States Patent & Trademark Office website - USPTO. You can easily look up if there was any similar name registered in your same category.

And if there are abandoned or dead trademarks you must avoid them.

So, prepare a list of good unique names that deliver the purpose of your brand without taking much time to interpret.

Pick Your Domain

Don’t register the name yet!

Check if there is a unique domain for your business. Without doing any funny variations or adding a lousy LLC at the end of the name.

By going to GoDaddy you can match an exact domain name for your business. To make your brand consistent throughout the process.

Make Sure Fame is Meant for You

People share the same ideas sometimes as they are exposed to the same culture.

It would be frustrating to trademark your hair business name and pick your domain. And then you find someone already using it on social media.

It will swallow your traffic and make you compromise your promised fame.

It’s not as important on Facebook and YouTube but you must have your brand name as a social media handle for Instagram and TikTok.

So, make sure your name is available on all platforms first.

Watch Out for The Taxes

For this step, you only need your laptop and 10 minutes of free time. Don’t hire any assistance!

By going to the IRS website. You should be able to get your Employer Identification Number (EIN) super-fast without any hustle.

Just check your eligibility and you will get it in no time.

Register Your First LLC

Here you can use a little CPA’s assistance. You might be able to do some tricks for saving on taxes like registering your business in Delaware.

But it’s always recommended to register your business in your local secretary of state office.

You can see I can effortlessly register my hair business as an LLC on the Georgia Secretary of State website.

After checking my business name for the last time on Georgia Business Search to ensure the name is available in my state.

Then for only $100 I can register my business from the comfort of my home and finish the process in a couple of days.

You can pay extra to rush things out, but there are upcoming fees you’ll pay until you fully set up your hair business. So, I wouldn’t recommend it.

Put A Destination for The Money

Eventually, you want to be ready for your first sale. Without letting things get messy.

That is why from the very beginning, separate your personal finances from your business ones. And open a business bank account.

Ideally in the bank you’re already dealing with and trust.

A final note

Don’t be frightened out, as the further you go in the process, the prouder of yourself you’ll become.

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