How Your Morning Routine as A Hair Entrepreneur Should Look Like?

hair entrepreneur morning routine

As the CEO of an eight-figure company, and the world's first hair business streamer.

I have to plan out my day beforehand.

But let me fill you in on some hair business news first.

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They’re totally customizable. And edited with our e-commerce expertise to provide a smooth flow for your hair business.

If you want to take it up a little notch, check out our Hair Business Masterclass for a valuable mentorship that goes hand in hand with my book Fearless Beauty if you’re interested in how all of that came into shape.

And for my routine, well...

The Body

I’d like to get a flexible amount of sleep; your body will tell you when to wake up without any alarm.

It filters out all the pain and the overthinking to make you ready for your day.

So as a beginning take enough sleep followed by a generous cup of coffee.

Shout out to my Bump N' Grind Coffee for offering my favorite coffee beans!

In the middle of the day, I can go to the gym to sweat out an hour of exercising.

It’s like this hard reset for the body, and the only pain that pushes you actually to work more.

Because negative energy will be building up in your body if you don’t have a physical way to disperse it.

The Mind

Working first thing in the morning will give you a head start.

You won’t feel guilty procrastinating starting the real work.

And free time will be like a reward to your mind.

As I start my day early, around 5 am, and work from my home office, I don’t distract myself by replying to messages because it is so early.

Neither is playing video games. It will disrupt your focus for a handful of hours ahead.

After I get back from the gym, I go to the office to communicate with people and reenergize myself with the atmosphere.

That way you finish work without experiencing burnout or fatigue.

The Heart

I’d like to party hard sometimes, I know it will affect my productivity for a couple of days, but who doesn’t want to enjoy a night out?

It will get you moving in the longer term because if you don't enjoy the outcomes of your business, you will start to neglect your business.

I also pet and feed my cats first thing in the morning; I can use fluffy vibes to get me going.

The Goals

My lifestyle suits me, I don’t have any kids but if you have you might want to leave a big warm time slot for them.

The key point to a good lifestyle is balancing our time and the rest will take care of themselves.

If you had clear tasks, you would feel motivated about the day, as it becomes a game of writing off your list.

So, time blocking your day must include activities like hanging out with the parents, the partner, or whoever you’re doing all of this for, even if it was yourself.

Starting a hair business is always easier with the right morning routine!

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