Psychological Trick to Organize Your Products on Shopify

Psychological Trick to Organize Your Products on Shopify

Ever noticed that most grocery stores and supermarkets try selling to you even after you already paid?

They prepare all these little candy bars, chocolates, chewing gum, and micro products for your pick.

Some fashion stores organize their check-out route to include small items like socks, belts, and accessories.

Next time you go shopping, try, and observe how the way to the check-out is getting narrower and denser with products.

They are not lost and found products without a specific category.

Most of the time, they can be repetitive to what you probably saw deep into the store.

Do you want to know about this deception while building a hair website homepage?


The Trick

The trick involves twofold.

The first is exposure.

When you’re walking out of the store, you have already made your decisions, met your budget, and written enough needs off your shopping list.

Then you get exposed to products with high emotional satisfaction levels, and it gets you going.

They are all small in weight but high in price.

If you have your kid with you, it becomes easier for them to get the little kid hung up on candies while you’re emptying your cart.

The second is contrast.

When you subscribe to any service or buy a cup of coffee, there will be 3 options.

You’re supposed to pick the middle.

The trick in this is that in most cases, the middle option will be higher by 35% to 50% than the first option but slightly lower than the third option.

That is a way of turning consuming into a no-brainer.

How to Organize Your Product?

When a potential customer gets onto your website. They probably have a product in mind.

They saw it on TikTok or somewhere on the internet.

And this is the intention of almost all of your organic traffic.

Next, they will look for a popular product to estimate your relative value.

It can help them to know where you set your prices and what they should expect from you.

And they can be ready to buy it instantly.

So, when organizing your store, the rule of thumb is to make the most popular three items in the beginning.

Don’t make categories with just a couple of items.

But don’t let things get messy.

A clean look can help the customer to digest your offerings.

With a couple of customization tweaks, you can make your products swipe-able with 5 products in a row.

This symmetry can be very attractive visually.

Sorting the Products Out

As simple as it sounds, I see most people ignore or mess up these basics.

If you don’t have a very long product catalog, don’t sort your products as bestselling.

If you’re into wholesaling hair, that can hurt your inventory badly.

Sorting the default by the highest or the lowest prices can either scare off customers or send them wrong signals on their first encounter.

The ideal sort will be done manually so your products make sense right next to each other while leading with the popular.

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