The Million Dollar Question: Should You Sell Raw Hair or Virgin Hair?

Sell Raw Hair or Virgin Hair

It’s the money question. Private Label has been branding itself as 100% human hair.

Some brands might find it more convenient to go with synthetic hair.

Picking up the right product will define the road that ends with you selling that product within a certain experience to intrigue your audience's feelings.

The strategy is to penetrate the customer’s pattern that she has been performing to relate to your products more intensely.

Then you start arranging other business venues around this cornerstone.

Let's the solve the virgin hair vs. raw hair dilemma.

Virgin Hair

Virgin hair is the most affordable option.

It’s also human hair but that is sourced from different places.

They organize the strands by aligning the cuticles to make it Remy hair where all the hair faces the same direction.

In the past, they did it with chemical solutions, but the process has now evolved.

As long as it wasn’t pre-dyed, you can dye it with different colors, in most cases, it can make a really good 27 Honey Blonde.

You should weigh the bundle to ensure it’s a standard 100 grams.

Some manufacturers skim off 5 to 10 grams of each bundle to save it to make extra bundles.

You should also test the thickness of the bundle by holding it from the top and then sweeping your grip from the top to the end.

The ideal bundle should feel the same till the end which indicates that no short strands are hiding in the middle.

Raw Hair

Unlike virgin hair, raw hair is naturally Remy hair.

It provides a fuller look and with the right maintenance, it can last for years.

You can color it to various options like 60 Platinum and 613 Blonde.

Because it’s unprocessed hair, it can frizz up in humid conditions.

But its quality can compensate for that, you can curl it and style it up to your desire.

It is really worth every penny.

Anticipated Customer Base

You’re going to need to see two factors, the budget and the access.

The budget of your target audience is highly considered.

The customer base within your radius or the customer base you have been able to cultivate online might appreciate the virgin hair more because it doesn’t get tangly.

So, they see it as good value for money.

Your access to the products is also essential.

Do you have vendors around that favor one certain kind over the other?

Can you serve the customers locally in your store faster and more convenient with raw hair, not virgin hair?

Know your audience first.

What to Sell?

If you wholesale, you can buy in small quantities to test your market.

You can ship at low cost and no time whatever you need over the Private Label Wholesale website.

If you are into dropshipping, the Dropship Beauty App has a variety of products to meet your needs that you can import to your Shopify store in seconds.

As a bonus, you can buy a pre-designed hair website with imported products on the website to launch your business within a week.

Finally, you can adopt a hybrid model to serve your local customers with the inventory in hand while making special and long-distance orders with dropshipping hair.

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