How to Dropship Hair Extensions in 2024: A Quick Tutorial

dropshipping hair extensions

Dropshipping in the hair business is your ally to launch your business without inventory costs.

You get dizzy with options until you take no action because you fear it might be a suboptimal decision.

That is when our quick guide comes in handy.

The process is simple and quicker than you think.

So, lend me your attention for a minute.

And if you’re already at an advanced level and aspire to be a pro, don’t forget to check out our Masterclass with a cup of coffee cost.

Choose Your Dropship App

To optimize your hair business to its full potential, you have to focus on two main aspects, the platform, and the dropship proxy.

The smoothest platform that always pushes the needle of e-commerce is Shopify, they really get the game.

And the automated integrations are going to facilitate your business way better.

Then you need an app that is quick, up-to-date, specialized, and understands the industry.

That’s why I recommend the Dropship Beauty App because it does not only have a ton of products to import.

But when you use subsidiaries like Private Label Branding, our team stylize your packages before shipping them out and give your brand a significant value.

Understand Dashboards

Your Drosphip Beauty dashboard will be something like that. It is set to have the basic information and tools to run your hair business smoothly.

Then you have the upcoming orders in a separate section.

The products section feeds your import list.

The account section manages your cards and other information about you.

Price settings to view costs and adjust your profit margins.

The notification section for any updates.

Import Hair Products

The product section will showcase the products available to import.

Dropship Beauty offers a wide selection of wigs, lashes, bundles, closures frontals, and more. 

Yes, the glueless wigs are coming soon!

They’re mostly updated every week with newer products to sell.

You want to import what you’re capable of selling in your store.

And the process probably takes up to one minute.

Then you have a variation of items without worrying about your storage capacity.

Customize Hair Profit Margins

Based on your strategy you will price your products.

This option allows you to adjust the price multiplier to your desired rate.

So, if the item costs you $50, you will want to set the multiplier to 2x.

That means when you will sell it at $100. With a 50% profit margin.

Enhance Hair Collections

Bundles sell off faster. So, organize your products in meaningful sets.

Shine with your copywriting skills and write a descriptive tag.

Then add all the needed products using the automated collection type.

It’ll apply all your settings to them, and they’ll be instantly ready to appear in your shop.

Showcase Your Hair Products

I always use the swipe-able sections for my products to view five products per row. It gives a better-organized look.

And with plain backgrounds. Your audience will imagine themselves wearing your products. These are topics we often cover in the Hair Business Masterclass.

As you sell hair, the coloring shades are critical. If you use a colored background, it will disturb the hue, and your customers might ignore you.

Now it probably took you five minutes to understand the process, it will take you another five to apply them.

Dropshipping Hair along with some great hair branding will set you on your way to success in the hair industry.

Who thought e-commerce could be this convenient?

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