The Secret to Selling Hair Online

Selling Hair Online Secrets

Succeeding is like boiling milk, if you keep standing it won’t change, when you move it’s already foaming.

You all have been watching the crash course ads on how to break the internet with hair dropshipping profits, or that one bitcoin that is going to change your life.

I bet in the ancient ages they had their own hustles too. They’re just too old so we name them myths and tales.

I have been leading businesses for 20 years, 10 years of them are in the hair industry, and the last 6 years are in dropshipping.

You can own the world one day, and the next day, it would be like the Wall Street crashing scenes from the movies.

Sugarcoating the reality is the essence of modern copywriting, but I know more than to sell. So, hear me out.

The Ideal Platform and Ecosystem

When Private Label started growing exponentially, I had to switch from WordPress to Shopify.

Tons of traffic has been lost in this transition.

I had to do it anyway.

Because the basic truth to succeeding in your online business is picking up a good platform and sticking to it.

You will begin with zero followers and zero traffic while some will have competitive advantages over you.

Nevertheless, zero is so creative to deal with, because from now on, you’ll be working day in and day out to build everything from scratch.

These competitors did that too at some point.

The platform won’t magically earn you a profit.

But a platform with a good ecosystem and a sufficient number of developers can.

On Shopify, there is literally an app for everything, from Shopify market to Shopify payment.

You can master your domain with smooth integrations that save you time while making you money.

Establishing the Foundation

The next step is to enrich this foundation.

It’s your salad bowl, you have the creative liberty to add mouthwatering ingredients with delightful colors.

These ingredients can be reviews, content, video content, copywriting pieces, intriguing stories, and eye-candy designs.

The challenge will be feeding traffic to your website to get a decent conversion rate to earn your first sale, and honest review to build trust for future sales.

It’s not a side effect of luck or excessive work, it’s the result of investing a consistent amount of effort.

Check my blogging strategy to know how I do it.

The Secret Sauce

Learn bite-sized and implement bite-sized.

You can get your head all numb trying to take in every piece of information available on YouTube.

If you didn’t implement even the silliest thing, you wouldn’t be learning.

Hold yourself accountable while drawing out simple timely tasks with clear goals.

Until it becomes a habit, that is one way to make time in your favor.

E-commerce Three Pillars

The three pillars of e-commerce are necessities for any online business.

Traffic: To get as many people as you can onto your website.

The luring techniques can vary, from valuable blogs to enticing video content.

And the continuous search engine optimization to test your variables.

Conversion: Your initial rate can be around 0.5%, with a year's worth of work that can be 1%.

You have to turn these new leads into a cash flow, using different marketing techniques and email flows for your visitors.

Just enough to break the ice with your first sale.

Margin: Setting up the juicy profit that will sustain your business.

It’s about the sweet spot, not the cheapest point available.

With intact return on investment, and reinvesting. The floor is all yours.

Time Management

You know what is the best time to get into the industry?

It’s a recession or a slowdown.

I know some people who switched away from the hair industry but not for the profits.

That makes it the right time to be all in.

Is the wig market saturated?

No market is not.

At the head of each era, there might be new blue oceans with no competition, one fact about this is that copycats catch up fast.

There is no industry without fierce competition.

But you want to use this time as preparation for the market when it comes back.

And it always comes back. So, when a customer is in need, she will remember that one brand, she saw their ads frequently. And now is the time to consider.

Valuing Yourself

If you’re planning to depend on family and friends for honest opinions about your business or your website, you will fail dramatically.

You have to know your tools, what are the latest, and how to use them.

You have to go out and get shocking experiences and brutal opinions.

No one grows with clapping, but you grow from mistakes solely.

The road wouldn’t be covered in roses.

It never has been, and if it were for once, that was probably pure luck.

The indicator of success is effort and experience.

When you mix the right amount of those, you hit the jackpot.

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