What Are The 3 Pillars of E-commerce?

3 Pillars of E-Commerce

E-commerce is challenging. Especially when starting a hair company.

Normal hair stores get their own traffic by nature, the common visitors, and the families of the neighborhood. You just pick a popular spot and settle down.

Though on the internet it’s an endless contest. Because with a click you’re just another brick in the wall of millions of search results.

As business owners might sell homogenous products it becomes even more challenging.

Some people refer to luck, others refer to massive marketing budgets.

If you are not one of the Kardashians, and if you publish a website, it will automatically gain a stream of traffic.

You will need to understand the next three pillars of e-commerce in the hair industry. If not, you could be the next failing hair business.

Pillar 1: Website Traffic

Traffic is the opportunity.

And the search engine is the enemy that you need to keep close.

Even without using tools like Google Ads, with a couple of techniques, you can get popular for free.

If you write content that is valuable to share and for the search engine to value its potential.

As long as you’re relevant and showing authority in your field.

If you’re investing in your store by using platforms like Shopify, you’ll be able to optimize the technical side of your website, so Google will consider it.

The search engine will be ranking your website higher by the hour if you’re improving it for the audience that seeks a solution or a value. 

Pillar 2: Conversions

Conversion is exploiting this opportunity.

As people come to your website, you get a higher chance of making a sale.

Customers can spend one second on the page and then lose interest.

Your job is to make them stay as long as they can.

The obstacle is how can you provide an immersive experience.

Do you tweak your product display?

Do you have a blog they can benefit from?

What is the value you’re giving away?

Do you have honest feedback on your website?

If we want to get realistic, your conversion rate at the beginning is going to be 0.5% which means to sell 100 products you should have traffic of 20,000 visitors.

So, as you analyze your traffic more, you can make use of it. And fill the gap with needed actions, like discounts for instance, or upselling on certain items.

Pillar 3: Profit Margins

Margin is the success indicator of your conversions.

If you wholesale your products, you’ll be moving unnecessary costs to your customers and yourself.

However, dropshipping hair can make it a lot lighter without having to worry about stocked inventory storage.

Make reasonable margins without participating in the race to the bottom.

What Makes Your Hair Brand Special?

Grab a pencil and a piece of paper and list your favorite brands.

Each one will have a distinctive unique selling point, a story, and a feeling.

That translates into three questions:

- What is so special about the way I’m doing it?
- What is my way to change the status quo?
- When people buy from me, how will they feel afterward?

Answer them and then go to our Hair Business Masterclass to discuss it.

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