Why Do Hair Businesses Fail?

hair business

I always see people put much effort into their hair brands.

For months, even years. Some people put a big budget on influencing marketing that comes back with weak ROI.

Others keep piling up their storage for no end. And another group keeps niching down with a couple of products.

Quick Tip: Reduce the risk of FAILURE by creating a plan. The Hair Business Planner will help set you on track for success!

I asked my co-host Zakiyrah recently in our Hair Business Masterclass, and she made a bold point as usual: “A few different things, the one main thing I would say is consistency. So, consistency and then believing that there are so many other hair companies that you can't succeed.”

Consistency in the Hair Industry!

Succeeding in any aspect of life is about consistency. If you improve 1% a day. You’ll tenfold in 3 years.

You need to be consistent in your marketing and your hair extension branding. That lets your characters develop and shine over time.

Whether you are blogging or posting. You have to be consistent to keep your flow on a certain level.

You can’t succeed one month and then let things hit bottom the month after. It’s disastrous.

Saturated Hair Markets

One thing that can help you be consistent is finding a story that you can keep on telling. Well, you might say that you’re in a saturated market.

Every Great Market Is Saturated! Not only the hair industry!

Next time you go to the grocery store. Try observing the pattern of the brands organized. They’re all in bulk.

Have you ever gone to the store and found a shelf or a section that contains a single brand of bread, wine, or cheese?

But people still buy from all of them. And what differentiates them is the story they’re telling. Because most of the time people buy you, not your product. You might call it USP (Unique Selling Point). That is what will make you stand out. And make people say: I’d like to buy from him!

The Secret Behind Private Label Success

Even before influencer marketing was a thing. Private Label managed to succeed for a couple of reasons.

The First is being consistent. For 7 to 10 years, we’re mastering our industry. Trying every day to make it out there. Jumping on every new opportunity that might change the industry forever.

The Second is helping every rookie. That helped us strengthen our knowledge while learning new things from a fresh perspective.

Influencer Marketing and Testimonials

There is always a debate about which one is more credible than the other. We started without using any influencers or celebrities. But we admit how vital it has become.

I see it as a circle. You launch your brand or your product with influencer marketing, so real customers try, then you get back testimonials from normal users.

We recently established Beauty Clout to help influencers and beauty brands at the same time. You might want to check it out.


Launching your hair business can be stressful. A lot of ups and downs. But if you get the basics right. And improvised on them. And was consistent about it.

You can go places you never dreamt of.

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