How to Make a Big Profit Selling Tape-Ins on Shopify?

Dropship Tape-In Extensions

For today, there is another tutorial for hair business beginners to familiarize themselves with the e-commerce kingdom.

Tape-ins are always rocketing, you can’t miss them.

You will need your online store to include different products, don’t cage yourself with the narrative of niching down as the trend of 2024.

The ideal hair customer buys a couple of products every 6 weeks, which can be bulk purchasing, she wouldn’t go for three brands for three different products.

So, in today’s tutorial, I will guide you to choose the right products, how to add them, and how to showcase these beauties.

Get your editor mode ready and let’s go on.

Import Dropshipping Products

Forget about inventorying certain products, storing them, and shipping them yourself.

As you begin, nothing can be more in great use than our app Dropship Beauty.

With more than 250 products you have the liberty to be all-inclusive.

Today, we’re going to focus on tape-in extensions, so as soon as you go to the Dropship Beauty App you can find them right away.

Include a various set that combines straight raw, kinky curly, kinky straight, afro kinky, and afro kinky coily tape-in extensions.

People always show deep admiration towards the straight raw tape-in quality. I love them.

Now you have selected your items, let’s play around with them.

Optimizing Product Settings

In your product editor, you will have options to adjust the product title, product description, collections, and price multiplier.

To not waste your time subtracting and adding, the price multiplier will automatically set your margin depending on the initial cost.

You will just handle the grip to that, adjusting a certain value to be applied over different alternatives.

A price multiplier of 2x will price your products with a 50% profit margin.

Leave the title as it is for a better SEO, and if you have a collection that meets the criteria add your products to it, but rather than that you can add them to the homepage.

You can fine-tune the product description with more data and a sassy tone of voice if could, to spice things up.

Within seconds your products should be imported to your Shopify store.

You can make a product page template for each category to finalize your editing faster.

Re-Importing and Displaying Your Products

In case you would like to make further adjustments, you can easily re-import the product after modifying it.

Importing and exporting products on Shopify is quite easy.

It takes more time to import multiple products but, in most cases, it would be under a minute.

To show your products with a sleek look, you can make a row list that you can swipe with 5 products in a row.

And for prioritizing, show the three most popular products first.

Lead with them so any new customer can catch up with your store quickly to know how you get things done.

That process probably took 5 minutes top, and surprisingly you can earn 50% profit without even touching the product.

You can go the extra mile and personalize your products to be shipped in a nice silk package with a branded label with a custom logo.

From Private Label Branding you can get it done in our warehouse by our crew before items get shipped out to your customers.

Congratulations in advance on your first sale.

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