Trick to Send Better Emails by Researching Top Brands

Email Marketing Research for Hair Businesses

Big brands spend millions of dollars every year on email marketing, which includes building email lists, designing, and managing campaigns.

You can use different techniques to segment your audiences to receive better engagement.

But first, you need to master the art of email marketing to involve bold messages and intriguing branding.

There’s no better way to do this than case studying in the best in the field.

I have been using these websites for ages now, to get a glimpse of how others do it without living isolated in a bubble trying out tactics I learned over the internet.

And surprisingly it’s generated good amounts of sales over the years, which enabled Private Label to become an eight-figure beauty brand.


My Secret Website

Milled is a search engine for newsletters that can help you observe top brands' layouts, designs, and calls to action.

With access to thousands of brands and millions of emails across many countries.

It’s like the back kitchen of your Gmail promotions section.

You can search by brand or industry and set timeframes to catch the latest trends in email marketing.

Its free plan is sufficient for occasional research as its paid plans are quite pricey for an entrepreneur who is just starting.

Fashion Brands Emails

I stumbled upon a Steve Maden campaign, the famous shoe brand.

I noticed they tend to use big and bold fonts, that grab the attention fast, especially if the prospect is just skimming through their emails.

Another ad was by Nordstrom, it aligns with their minimalist branding.

What is great about it is that it gives a lot of information with simple imaging.

You need to use clean product pictures that are the same sizes, maybe they all fall into one category to keep the reader attached.

And you would want to support that with a good punchline that translates your selling point cleanly and simply.

Hair Brands Emails

Remember not to copy the competitors, which can result in blindness and ignorance towards your ads by your customers.

You need to catch the idea and the universal tactics that made these brands good sales.

I found an ad by Additional Lengths with good UGC (user-generated content), that helps you show that your brand is already trusted by regular people.

You can add your payment options as well, in Private Label, we offer our clients flexible payments like Shop Pay Installments and AfterPay.

It supports your conversion rate for a better ROI (return on investment).

Another ad was by Foxy Locks, I observed that they showcase the shortest length bundle so it will be under the least cost label.

That lures customers into knowing more about the products, as the first impression looks economically convenient.

Wigyy also uses big photos with clear focal points to make an eye-catching creative design.

It’s not a must to be edited out of a photo shoot, you might prefer to use more natural imagery.


Clean emails always win, for the short period invested by readers, you want them to digest a lot of information in a short time window.

The key to a successful email marketing campaign is testing with variables while setting some factors to be consistent.

Over time you will understand your audience better, increase the volume of what is succeeding, and lead with it more.

Just make sure to get your branding right, the textures, the fonts, the logo sizing, and the colors.

It’s about telling more with fewer words.

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