Shopify Balance Review: Access Your Funds from Sales Faster!

Shopify Balance Review: Access Your Funds from Sales Faster!

With e-commerce, you would need things to move fast in quick snaps like blinks.

Those who might use PayPal as a payment portal might have been annoyed with the hold period for new sellers and the inconsistent chargebacks.

But as seamless as Shopify, they offer many convenient solutions including their payments.

It’s not a substitute for your business bank account, you must always have a bank account.

Even various accounts, that you can walk into their branches in different cities when you travel.

However, I’m going to review Shopify's balance for these outgoing entrepreneurs who aspire to reach the full potential of their businesses.

Shopify Balance Overview

If you’re not using Shopify as your e-commerce platform, I advise you to switch.

Not just for faster access to your capital, but as an overall experience of swift integration if you are really focused on leveling up your game.

Supposedly, it doesn’t have annual fees, unlike your bank, so it offers to skip the bank and manage your capital directly.

But again, don’t ditch your bank account entirely for this, it wouldn’t be wise.

It offers multiple reward systems that offer cashback instead of gathering points.

So, keep reading to know what the marketing language is and what the real benefits are.

Getting Paid Faster

The biggest problem dropshippers face is not having enough funds to facilitate their ongoing sales with products.

You can use the Shopify sleek card to pay for previous orders and fund new opportunities without the need to pile up savings in your account.

That helps with fulfilling the orders you have already made so they can be shipped and delivered.

This has no minimum account balance to open.

And if you’re already a partner, they wouldn’t need much information about you, so it can be opened in minutes without paperwork.

Then you can easily get paid the next business day or even the same business day depending on your account.

Rewards System

You know I’m against using debit cards. I personally prefer to use credit cards because that way I’m getting money back as soon as I spend it.

For years, I have been traveling and staying in luxurious hotels for free.

With a simple tactic of maximizing my business expenses on the right cards to earn the right status.

With a Shopify balance, you can get 2% cashback on spending on business essentials.

That can help with Shopify email and Shopify apps, as I see they’re the main perks of these cashbacks.

You wouldn’t need discounts on themes, you wouldn’t change it that much.

And regarding hiring Shopify experts, you won’t do it often enough to benefit from a 10% discount.

Also, the discounts involve custom domains, although GoDaddy excels at this point.

Final Thoughts

Shopify balance is ideal to manage funds where they come.

The real edge to this is being fast. And they offer different exclusive offers with different partners frequently.

Rather than that, I would advise you to use multiple credit cards if you’re looking for rewards.

Unless you don’t have adequate personal credit at the moment, Shopify balance can be a very good start.

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