A Must-Know Shopify SEO Tip for More Traffic

shopify seo tip

If you care about getting more traffic to your website, do this trick.

If you have enough sales on your hands, you can ignore it.

BTW... Getting website traffic is a crucial part after you start a hair extension business

Remember, first comes the traffic, then the conversion, and then the margins.

However, it might be crucial to make your website accessible for those who suffer from visual difficulties. And they may be a large segment of your USA audience.

It is an easy trick, and you can hand out the repetitive work after you lay your strategy.

The Concept

The whole point of search engine optimization is getting those cold engines and their tricky algorithms to understand your content.

It will be your continuous battle to get seen.

If you don’t have tools like Google Search Console or Ahrefs you must set them up immediately.

So, you can know what pulls your customers and what pushes them away. And to get a deeper understanding of the flow of your website, and then take those new facts and integrate them into your marketing and communication strategies.

The key indicator of success in this is traffic, and at some point, after a couple of months, you’ll start to see free leads coming your way.

What Is Alt Text?

Alt text is an attribute that helps search engines understand the context and the contents of your images.

It can also help visually impaired people who represent 8% of the USA population.

So, if you neglected to name your files relevant names, or used uncommon file formats, you’ll be losing the battle.

Google uses computer vision algorithms and the content of your page to define the nature of your pictures, if you supported that with an Alt text, you hit the jackpot.

The Trick

I’m sure you’re not using the files section on your Shopify store as you should.

The next three steps will help you appear not only in the image search but also in the regular results.

First Step: Go to files in the content section, and then do a little audit to make sure all your images are JPG.

Second Step: If your images have weird names that are irrelevant to the content, rename them and then reupload them.

The ideal name will be something like:


Third Step: Write a descriptive Alt text that fairly tells the elements of your picture and aligns with the file name and the URL handle.

glueless wigs by Private Label
For example, the ALT text for the above image is "Glueless Wigs by Private Label." 
This is a good representation of what the photo is showing the website visitor. 

How Long Until You See Results

Search engine optimization is like an investment that requires you to be as patient as you can be.

Just make all the changes needed to lay the groundwork for your website.

While keeping in mind that when you have valuable relevant content, the work becomes more easier.

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    This is great information. I’m working on everything you described in this blog right now.

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