How To Spot High-Quality Hair Extensions: The Truth About Hair Bundle Band Colors

The truth about Hair Bundle Band Colors

The hair industry is not so much of a niche.

It’s a huge market with great potential that can be volatile sometimes but can rebound even if it seems saturated.

That leaves room for speculative chitchats and some macroeconomic old tales.

For the insiders, you certainly encountered people who seemed to know all the answers.

They’re roaming on YouTube and social media, coming up with the weirdest ideas. Today’s idea is to inspect hair bundles and their band colors.

Truth About Bundle Band Colors

If you go to one of the Private Label showrooms like the Atlanta showroom, you can’t help but notice that virgin hair is wrapped roundly with a glittery silver band.

A little surprise, and so is the raw hair too.

Private Label inventory that serves the Dropship Beauty App and Private Label Wholesale is most of the time around 1 million Dollars’ worth of products.

I deal with the manufacturers on a personal level because of this high volume.

So, I can easily tell him to wrap the products with any band colors I see suitable for intriguing selling emotions for my audience.

Another hair business owner can differ from my color theory.

It becomes a personal taste at some point.

Therefore, it doesn’t make any sense to depend on these bands as an indicator of the bundle quality.

Testing Methods for Hair Bundles

You can also notice that our signature Indian Temple Hair Bundles may be folded at the top as stripes instead of ball shapes.

You may want to test the bundle thickness.

We call it the ratio of long hair to short hair. And the test is quite easy.

The position is to hold the bundle from the top then you make another grip under the hand holding the bundle.

Your movement should go to the bottom with a tight grip to sweep the body of the bundle.

The criteria are to feel the thickness towards the end.

A bad bundle can make your hand sweep faster as you get to the bottom.

That indicates a lot of short hair in the middle of the bundle.

Another test is to shake the bundle while holding it from the top.

Shake it all over the place until you see the strands frizz out of the bundle.

Most of the time you should find short strands escaping but it becomes alarming when it’s a lot.

What Matters Most?

You should focus on more important factors.

Factors like the original source of the hair, weft, weight, and type of hair.

You ought to educate yourself about raw hair and virgin hair.

How hair is gathered in the first place.

Test the hair's adaptability to be styled, curled, or dyed.

You don’t want to source your products from an infamous vendor even if it seemed like a good deal.

Reach out to vendors with social proof and a portfolio of serving outperforming brands.

If you wholesale your product, you can have them shipped to you at a low cost, I’m talking about 100% human hair shipped from our warehouse in Atlanta via Private Label Wholesale.

If you can’t afford to dropship, it’s even better, you will have access to the same products using the Dropship Beauty App with minimal cost to import to your Shopify store in no time.

We made it sweet, simple, and affordable!

If you want to plan this out, use our Hair Business Blueprint Planner!

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