How To Start Your Own Budget-Friendly Lace Glue Brand

How To Start Your Own Budget-Friendly Lace Glue Brand

Thinking about launching your lace glue brand?

If hair installation and maintenance tools are your things or it is a complimentary section on your website.

Everything will start with a remarkable marketing strategy to evolve into the branding phase.

You could be a good saleswoman but not necessarily an adequate graphic designer.

Today, I’ll introduce an alternative path to help you brand your company, customize the packaging, and eventually ship to customers.

Prepare your Hair Business Blueprint Planner to keep everything aligned.

This blog post is for people looking for an automated side hustle in a fruitful market.

Dropshipping Gate

The first step is to get your products.

A tip for that is you may get attractive offers from vendors, but the shipping cost overhead will rocket the cost per unit of your products.

I’m talking wholesaling here.

And for dropshipping, you can get unbranded products, but you can receive plain generic products that you can’t trust enough to sell to your customer.

What is the golden solution though?

Dropship Beauty App, we offer the same products we use for Private Label, branded, and unbranded hair and beauty products.

The process is easy:

1- Set up your Shopify store.
2- Install Dropship Beauty.


Custom Logo Design

If your company is still faceless, no need to go incognito.

Over at Private Label Branding, you can easily get a custom logo for $99.

We offer many concepts that will align with your vision.

You will just answer a few questions, so we have a mutual understanding.

The colors you want to see.

Whether you want to favor graphics over calligraphy.

The elements or images you like to involve.

The tagline you crafted for your brand.

A little homework for a better-personalized experience.

Lace Glue Templates Demo Designing

Since we have a store, a product, and a logo.

We have to label it now.

In the wholesaling situation, you will need to get a label printer like Dymo for around $200 with additional materials costing around $50 alongside the freelancer designing cost.

But what if I told you that you could utilize your custom logo over 250 lace glue label templates?

You pick your vibe then click on demo designing where you upload your logo and make any needed adjustments.

You save it and make your purchase. And you’re good to go.

Custom Labels Printing

Finally, it’s time to print!

On the same Private Label Branding website, you can print custom labels starting from 125 units at $165.

I advise you to print a minimal amount in the beginning in case you change your mind later about minor adjustments.

Now, here is when the magic happens.

You import the products to your store.

You’re a partner with us, so we have assigned you a bin in our warehouse with the branding assets you customized.

Once an order comes in, you fulfill it with your credit card.

Then we start preparing it with the labels you have.

We tag the order by ourselves and ship it to the customer, without any intervention on your side.

It’s a pretty automated funnel to launch a hair business in 2024.

Don’t miss on that.

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